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Pharm.D. Program - Admissions

Before considering the admissions and application processes involved for any of the College's undergraduate programs you should become familiar with what each program offers. A complete description of the academic programs offered by the College of Pharmacy is provided elsewhere. Specifically, you should be familiar with the Pharm.D. program.

Prior to admission into the Purdue University professional pharmacy program, students must complete the Pre-Pharmacy program requirements. Usually this is done during the two years immediately prior to starting the professional curriculum, although alternative paths have been successfully followed by many students. For students attending Purdue University, this usually is accomplished as a Pre-Pharmacy major during their freshman and sophomore years.

Admissions to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program

Pharm.D. Program Admission Criteria

All Pre-Pharmacy requirements must be completed prior to entry into the program (PHRM 10000 and PHRM 20000 are waived for off-campus students). Students may complete these requirements at other colleges and universities. International transfer credit is accepted. However, the two semesters each of organic chemistry and anatomy/physiology, and one semester each of biochemistry and immunology, must be completed in the United States, regardless of whether they have been taken previously. Because of the integrated nature of the curriculum, there is no opportunity to be admitted to the professional program with advanced standing beyond the beginning of the first professional year. The Pre-Pharmacy requirements are as follows (see the specific courses in the Purdue Pre-Pharmacy program that meet these requirements):

  • Anatomy and physiology (six semester hours, with lab)
  • Calculus I & II (six semester hours)
  • Economics (three semester hours - micro, macro, or general)
  • English composition (four semester hours)
  • General biology I & II (eight semester hours, with lab)
  • General chemistry I & II (eight semester hours, with lab)
  • Microbiology (four semester hours, with lab)
  • Organic chemistry I & II (eight semester hours, with lab)
  • Pharmacy orientation (West Lafayette Students only)
  • Physics (four semester hours, with lab; can be non-calculus based)
  • Immunology (three semester hours)
  • Biochemistry (three semester hours)
  • Statistics (three semester hours)

Admissions Decision Factors

Admissions decisions by the Admissions Committee involve consideration of several factors including:

  • Evidence of academic readiness for, and commitment to, growth in the learning goals of the professional curricula.
  • Evidence of community volunteer service and leadership experience.
  • Evidence of quality verbal and written communication ability as well as interpersonal capabilities.
  • Evidence of knowledge about pharmacy and initiative to learn more about pharmacy and career path options.
  • Applicant's initiative to seek out firsthand knowledge about various pharmacy practice environments.
  • Cumulative grade point average for all coursework taken after high school (suggested minimum 3.00)
  • Performance in Pre-Pharmacy core math/science courses (biology, chemistry, immunology, calculus, physics, and statistics) will be critically reviewed. A grade of C- or higher must be earned in all Pre-Pharmacy core math/science courses with a maximum allowance of four grades of C and/or two repeats in these courses.
  • Previous work experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation (required).
  • Applicant-supplied information and statements on the application form.
  • Personal interview with representatives of the Admissions Committee. Each applicant given final consideration for acceptance will be interviewed at least once by one or two faculty or professional staff members.
  • Extemporaneous writing and verbal communication exercises.
  • Completeness of application forms.

A presentation on the admission process and the factors considered by the admissions committee can be found in this PDF file.

A personal interview with representatives of the Admissions Committee is required. This will be arranged for the most qualified students after applications have been received.

Students applying for the Pharm.D. program must currently and continually meet the College of Pharmacy Technical Standards for Admission and Retention, which are available in the Student Handbook.

Application for admission to the Pharm.D. Program

In order to be eligible for admission to the Pharm.D. program in August 2015, all prepharmacy course work must be completed, including the requirement that no more than one prepharmacy course would need to be completed in summer school, 2015. An exception is Pharmacy Orientation I and II (PHRM 10000 and PHRM 20000), which are not required for admission.

Application Process

Students applying for admission into the professional program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) must complete an application through the Pharmacy College Application Service, known as PharmCAS. Purdue's PharmCAS deadline is December 1, 2014 for admission for the class starting in Fall 2015. The PharmCAS application is available through the PharmCAS web site ( Students must provide PharmCAS with an updated official transcript that includes your fall semester grades as soon as they are available. PharmCAS will not release your application to us until this is done. In addition, any applicant completing coursework in Fall 2014 but not attending Purdue University (West Lafayette, Calumet, Fort Wayne, or North Central) should submit a copy of their Fall 2014 grade report immediately upon receipt to the Purdue College of Pharmacy. These should be mailed to: Chair, Committee on Admissions, College of Pharmacy, Purdue University, 575 Stadium Mall Drive, Room 104A, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2091.

All applicants must also complete a Purdue Pharmacy Supplemental application. The supplemental application is due by December 1, 2014 and is available through this web site. A non-refundable application fee of $55.00 must be submitted by any applicant that has never attended Purdue University (West Lafayette, Calumet, Fort Wayne, or North Central). This application fee will not be waived under any circumstances, and must be paid online by credit card. If you have any questions about the supplemental application, please contact

Two (2) letters of reference are required in each applicant's PharmCAS application and recommender contact information must be submitted to PharmCAS by December 1, 2014.

Applicants must submit all materials by the December 1, 2014 deadline to be guaranteed consideration for admission. In general, late applications are not considered.

Note: PCAT scores are not required or used in the admissions process.

Action on Applicants

  1. The Admissions Committee will select the best qualified applicants for the Pharm.D. program based on a composite assessment of the characteristics stated above.
  2. All applications will initially be reviewed for evidence of basic qualifications for admission to the professional program, and those most qualified will be invited for a personal interview.
  3. All interviews will be conducted on the West Lafayette campus in the College of Pharmacy primarily during February 23, 2015 to March 6, 2015. Letters of invitation for an interview will specify the date and time. It will be the student's responsibility to arrange his/her other commitments in order to be available at the assigned time. Each applicant will also be asked to participate in two brief exercises that will provide evidence of extemporaneous writing and verbal communication ability.
  4. The Admissions Committee will then thoroughly evaluate the application materials pertaining to each applicant in arriving at a rank ordering of applicants based on overall qualifications.
  5. Admissions will be granted during March 23, 2015 to March 27, 2015 to the 150 most highly qualified applicants.
  6. The next most highly qualified applicants will have their names placed on a rank ordered waiting list to compete for residual spaces available at the end of the spring semester or quarter.
  7. Some students will not be admitted. They will be referred to appropriate advising offices for assistance in choosing other areas of study.
  8. All admitted students will again be reviewed at the end of the spring semester or quarter. Those students whose academic performance has slipped below the acceptable level established by the Admissions Committee will most likely have their admission offer withdrawn.

Confirmation of Admission

  1. If you receive an offer of admission to the College, it must be accepted within 14 days after the date of the letter of offer.
  2. All students must make an advance deposit of $250 (non-refundable) by May 1, 2015. Students admitted after May 1, 2015, will have 14 days from the date on the letter of offer to pay the deposit.
  3. Off-campus students who are admitted must submit the following to Purdue:
    1. One unofficial copy of your Spring 2015 grade report as soon as it is available. Fax to (765) 494-7880 or e-mail to:
    2. One official copy of your college transcript(s) showing all courses completed with grades (including Spring 2015 semester or quarter grades). Mail to: Chair, Committee on Admissions, College of Pharmacy, Purdue University, 575 Stadium Mall Drive, Room 104A, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2091.
  4. There will be an orientation program during the week just prior to the beginning of classes that all admitted off-campus students will be expected to attend. Additional orientation activities will occur during the first week of classes. Admitted students will receive information on this program during the month of July.
  5. Prior to beginning the professional program, it is necessary for students to be inoculated against and have evidence of absence of tuberculosis, measles, rubella, hepatitis B, and varicella (chicken pox). The hepatitis B vaccine series takes 6 months and, therefore, the student may not have it completed until the middle/end of the first professional year. Students may elect to sign a waiver in lieu of receiving the Hep B series. Students are responsible for the arrangement and payment of any medical inoculations.
  6. Students are required to produce a satisfactory criminal background check conducted by Certiphi Screening at a charge of $15.00 to accepted PharmCAS applicants.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

  1. A differential tuition/fee will be assessed each fall and spring semester students are enrolled in the program. The final fourth professional year of the program consists of up to 40 weeks of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) clerkship rotations, beginning in May following the third professional year and students will be enrolled in a summer session in addition to the fall and spring semesters. Regular University fees and tuition will be assessed during this summer session based on the number of credit hours scheduled. There may be an adjustment to the summer fee schedule in future years.
  2. Admission into the Pharm.D. program has financial aid implications in terms of need-based scholarships. Students are advised to contact the Division of Financial Aid to obtain information and assistance.
  3. The projected semester start dates for the Doctor of Pharmacy program differ after the first professional year from those of the general Purdue University calendar due to the required Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE). Students participating in IPPE in fall of the second or third professional year would start three weeks prior to the start of classes for the general Purdue population. Similarly, those participating in IPPE in spring semester would start one week prior. Students are responsible for their own transportation to these sites as well as housing if necessary.
  4. In the fourth professional year of the program, students will be required to leave campus for the APPE portion of the curriculum that will be conducted at approved sites throughout Indiana. This currently consists of 40 weeks of experience divided among 4 weeks each of Community and Hospital Operations Rotations; 8 weeks each in Inpatient Direct Patient Care and Ambulatory Medicine Advanced Practice Rotations; and 16 weeks of elective rotations related to career preparation interests. Relocation between clerkship sites should be expected.
  5. Students are responsible for their own housing, transportation, and incidental expenses during all IPPE and APPE rotations. It is imperative that students plan in advance for their financial needs and any other arrangements that will be required.
  6. Students will be assessed a fee to purchase malpractice liability insurance provided through the College prior to each academic year, as well as a laboratory coat meeting stated criteria. In addition, students are required to pay rental charges for a pager, as specified by the College, throughout the APPE rotation period. They are also responsible for the cost of any drug screen that an experiential site may require.
  7. The Purdue Division of Financial Aid (DFA) administers a variety of financial aid programs. Programs at the federal, state, and University levels are available to students who demonstrate need for financial assistance. If you are interested in receiving financial aid, you should file the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) by March 1, 2015. The FAFSA may be obtained through DFA, or you may apply using the RENEWAL FAFSA or at the web-site: If you have general questions, please contact DFA (765) 494-5050 (e-mail: Should you have questions in completing the FAFSA form, please contact the financial aid administrator for the Pharm.D. program, Trudi Horner at (765) 494-5081 (e-mail:
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