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Honors and Awards: Distinguished Alumni Awards

Upon the occasion of the School's Centennial in 1984, the Faculty of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences (now the College of Pharmacy) chose to initiate a Distinguished Pharmacy Alumni Program. The title of Distinguished Pharmacy Alumnus is conferred annually upon selected alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievement in professional and scientific endeavors.

2014 Distinguished Alumni Awards

The faculty of the College of Pharmacy selected four alumni to receive the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Awards. The several Distinguished Alumni were honored at an awards event on Friday, April 4, 2014 during a luncheon ceremony in the Spurgeon Club in Mackey Arena. The 2014 Distinguished Alumni are:

Previous Award Recipients

2013:Eric Kolodziej, Nancy Lilly, William X. Malloy, and Steven L. Nail
2012:Todd E. Chermak, Mary J. Kuhn, Rick F. Rondinelli, and Mary L. Westrick
2011:Jeffrey S. Hatfield, Judith Jacobi, Said M. Sebti, and Robert J. Sepelyak
2010:Heidi M. Anderson, M. Eileen Dolan, Edward L. Langston, and Garnet E. Peck
2009:Holly M. Bonsignore, Satish Reddy, Dolores C. Shockley, and Gregory D. Wasson
2008:Hamid A. Abbaspour, William G. Randolph III, Marvin R. Richardson, and Ming-Daw Tsai
2007:Henry U. Bryant, Chris T. Dimos, Alton D. Johnson, Habil Khorakiwala and Michael B. McMains
2006:Stanley H. Beck, John F. Derr, Gerald P. Migliaccio and Thomas F. Zioncheck
2005:Maria D. Bowman-Horner, James A. Eskew, Sumon Sakolchai and Donna S. Wall
2004:Mary B. Baker, Gary D. Dolch, James P. Kehrer and Terry L. Schwinghammer
2003:Roger E. Gordon, Robert E. Sauté, Arda T. (Darnell) Sauté, Robert G. Sikora and James F. White
2002:Max D. Adams, Jean M. Battaglia, Curtis D. Black, James C. Mannion, C. Wayne McKeehan and Randall L. (Pete) Vanderveen
2001:Robert M. Franz, Susan M. Meyer, Y. Joseph Mo, John E. Nine, Gerald L. Wannarka, Roger E. Williams and Jeffrey L. Winn
2000:Joe E. Haberle, Dianne L. Kennedy, T. Lamar Kerley and Albert I. Wertheimer
1999:Bruce R. Canaday, Albert E. Jarvis, Glenn R. Knotts, Robert A. Lipper, Kathryn L. MacFarlane, Ceferino Sánchez and Robert G. Wolfangel
1998:David C. Hsia, Jack A. Klee, Rachel Mata, R. Craig Schnell and Arthur C. Solomon
1997:Robert A. Brown, Judith S. Christensen, Karin C.S. Chen Liu and Robert E. Taylor
1996:Kyle L. Allen, Mark W. Fitch, Albert I. Peyton and Charles E. Pippenger
1995:Carol W. Birk, Allen Y. Chao, William M. Hadley, Charles E. Sanders Jr. and Victor A. Yanchick
1994:Kenneth W. Johnson, Winifred A. Landis, Steven W. Leslie, Aracelis M. Ortega and Grey F. Warner
1993:Frank W. Deardorff, Ronald W. Dollens, Johnnie L. Early II, Donald L. Moore, Ronald D. Schoenwald, Bruce R. Siecker and Marilyn K. Speedie
1992:Herbert J. Halley, Robert W. Holden, Richard J. Markham, William M. Merino, Ronald L. Nedich and Robin D. Taylor
1991:Esam Z. Dajani, William H. Hatfield, Claudia McNulty, Charles J. Paget Jr., Jeffrey S. Rudolph, Karen L. Shields and Bernard K. Williams
1990:Carman A. Bliss, Richard S. Brychell, Thomas R. Cunningham, George C. Fuller and C. R. Willis Jr.
1989:Gilbert S. Banker, Jane W. Boggs, Richard L. Charles, Antoine A. Noujaim, Frederick M. Radzialowski, Timothy W. Vanderveen and Charles A. Walton
1988:Steven R. Abel, James B. Appino, Angelo J. Carnaghi, James C. Cloyd and Laurence H. Hurley
1987:William H. Campbell, John L. Colaizzi, W. Marvin Davis, Richard E. Faust, Barbara A. Nelson and Richard J. Vetter
1986:John L. Emmerson, Frank W. Goodhart, David A. Knapp, Dennis J. McCallian, Jack E. Orr and Roger P. Smith
1985:James C. Boylan, Einar Brochmann-Hanssen, Charles V. Flemming, Gloria N. Francke, Bruce A. Hufford, William J. Kinnard Jr. and Alfred Martin
1984:Stig L. Agurell, William F. Bousquet, Joseph P. Buckley, James T. Doluisio, Thomas G. Gerding, John C. Griffin, Kenneth R. Heimlich, Herbert A. Lieberman, Warren E. McConnell, Lloyd M. Parks, Paul L. Sinotte and Merritt L. Skinner
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