Dr. Rola Kaakeh

Dr. Rola Kaakeh (PharmD, 2007)

Chief Executive Officer, Salus Vitae Group

Dr. Rola Kaakeh is the CEO of Salus Vitae Group, a healthcare consultancy, as well as a pharmacist, entrepreneur, educator, mentor and published scholar. Dr. Kaakeh also teaches at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Her impact has stretched across the international community to encompass overarching holistic countrywide policies to local, on the ground initiatives. She has advised organizations globally and engaged with various organizations such as the United Nations agencies, universities, professional agencies, corporations, consultancies and startups.

Dr. Kaakeh is working to tackle local and global health issues through her commitment to education, research, practice, empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation collectively. She has presented on numerous global, impactful stages (e.g., TED stage) to address the most pressing issues of our time (e.g. the struggle to access to medications). She is particularly passionate and committed to improving access to medications across communities. She holds several healthcare licenses and certifications, produced numerous impactful publications, projects, and practiced in many healthcare settings. She has received a number of awards including the “Beyond Dispensing Pharmacist of the Year” Award and the United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Practice Award and was a finalist for the Next-Generation Pharmacist Civic Leader Award in 2019. She is actively engaged with the community and the profession on a local, national and international level in several capacities to numerous professional and nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Kaakeh holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy with a Minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University. She entered Purdue University at the age of 10 years as a gift child. She also completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Health Services Research from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, College of Pharmacy, and the School of Medicine.

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