Ann Zehner Angle

Why is it important/what motivates you to give back to the College of Pharmacy?

I had a wonderful experience as a student at Purdue University for a variety of reasons: my mother had attended Purdue, so throughout my life she had spoken highly of her college experience; I became involved on campus in many activities that broadened my student experience from academic to worldly (I served on the Debris yearbook senior board, was an officer in Kappa Epsilon Professional Pharmacy Fraternity, and belonged to University Choir, Alpha Gamma Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Rho Chi); met my [late] husband while a student; and have had a great experience in life as a pharmacist. To sum up my answer I want to contribute to the College of Pharmacy to help other students enjoy their time on campus as I enjoyed mine.

You have made a planned gift.   Why did you decide to use this specific vehicle (will, annuity, CRT, etc.) to make a gift? 

My husband and I decided to include Purdue University in our will as well as making annual gifts to the Purdue Foundation (giving to his school, the School of Agriculture, the Libraries, Purdue Musical Organizations, and the John Purdue Club). We wanted to be able to give something each year and possibly a larger donation when our estate is settled. I have friends who have given annuities so I am open to pursue other areas of giving in the future. Since my daughter is a sophomore at Purdue, I will have to wait to make plans until after her graduation.

What was your experience at Purdue as a student? Any particularly fond/humorous memories of your days at Purdue?

I loved being a student at Purdue! I made many friends in my pharmacy class and through Kappa Epsilon. I was able to attend the Kappa Epsilon biennial conventions while I was in school which introduced me to a wider circle of KE friends. I served as Kappa Epsilon National President, 1977-1981, and that was a tremendous experience. I visited many of the KE Chapters across the country, met with the deans of the schools (many of whom were Purdue graduates!), and encouraged the members to pursue their dreams of pharmacy. From my KE volunteer work, I have transitioned into serving my community by being a member of Rotary International. My husband and I each served as President of our respective local clubs, then he went on to serve as district governor. We took our daughter with us as we traveled to other countries to visit Rotary clubs and learn of service needs in other parts of the world. She now plans to join the Peace Corps or work for a non-government organization to continue to serve others.

How has your pharmacy education shaped your life/career?

At first I was motivated to work to earn money, but I soon realized that I enjoy serving my fellow man. Each day in retail pharmacy is different: waiting on different customers, answering their questions about their medications, talking with different doctors, and always learning something new every day.

How do you hope your planned gift will impact the College of Pharmacy and its students in the future?

We do not intend to stipulate the way in which our planned gift will be used. We have confidence that, when the time comes, the administration of the College can best determine its use.