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How has Purdue College of Pharmacy giving impacted your education and experience as a student?

I distinctly remember faculty referring to the ‘Purdue Pharmacy Family’ during my orientation program. I quickly realized how vital this Family is to past, current, and future students’ success. 

Our alumni have been nothing but gracious with their time and resources during my education.  Many have offered career guidance, with several becoming valued mentors. Others have provided scholarships, allowing me to forgo working during the school year and invest time in organizations I am passionate about. These organizations have afforded me professionally rewarding experiences that I will draw upon throughout my career. Additionally, these scholarships will assist in travel expenses next year during experiential rotations. 

By giving back in a variety of ways, Purdue pharmacists uphold the rich tradition of their alma mater. I hope to similarly invest in our students’ careers in the future!

More About Jacob

Jacob Martin is a 3rd Professional Year PharmD student, originally from Greenwood, Indiana. During his time at Purdue, Jacob has been involved with several organizations at a leadership level: the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO), the Purdue Office of Admissions, the College of Pharmacy’s PharmD Curriculum Committee, Cru, and Boiler Gold Rush. As President of Purdue’s IPhO chapter, he led the team that organized the inaugural Industry Pharmacist Symposium. This event provided an interactive forum for students from six universities to learn from and network with pharmaceutical industry professionals.

(Student information and testimonial obtained in Spring 2016)

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