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How has Purdue College of Pharmacy giving impacted your education and enhanced your experience as a student?

My journey through the College of Pharmacy has had a significant impact on my life and continues to shape me into a well-rounded individual. I have been lucky enough to get involved with several organizations on campus as well as within the College of Pharmacy. I am currently involved in several pharmacy organizations including Phi Lambda Sigma, American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP), Pharmacy Orientation Steering Committee, and Pharmacy Student Council. These organizations have allowed me to expand my knowledge as well as develop greatly as a leader.

However, the most rewarding experience I have had thus far at Purdue has come through the program College Mentors for Kids. This organization has allowed me to work with the youth of the Lafayette community and give them the opportunity to understand their potential and the impact they can have for the future.

I am extremely proud to be a student at Purdue University, and it has become my family away from home. One of the most important aspects of a family is the ability to help each other. As an out of state student, one of the greatest obstacles I face each year is paying tuition. Despite having to make a significant financial commitment to come here, I know the Purdue education is worth it. I am grateful for those who have supported me financially, for they have given me the opportunity to achieve my dream of becoming a pharmacist. Their constant generosity goes to show how special Purdue University is and I am beyond thankful for their support. I look forward to continuing the tradition of helping students for many years to come. Thank you and Boiler Up!

More About Patrick

Patrick Nelson is a 2nd Professional Year PharmD student from Oak Lawn, Illinois. One of four children, he is the only one to leave the state of Illinois for college. Pat chose Purdue University to pursue his dream of becoming a pharmacist. 

(Student information and testimonial obtained in Spring 2016)

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