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How has Purdue College of Pharmacy giving impacted your education and enhanced your experience as a student?

As an out of state student, I would not have been able to attend Purdue University without the ongoing financial assistance I have received. During my time at Purdue, I have been astounded by the outpouring of support from the College of Pharmacy, whether it be from staff and faculty or generous alumni and donors. This support has been instrumental in my personal and professional development, and I am eternally grateful to the many individuals who have impacted my Purdue experience in this way.

Through donations to the Purdue chapter of APhA-ASP, I had the opportunity to attend this year’s APhA Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, where I was able to network with faculty, alumni, professionals, and fellow pharmacy students. It is truly inspiring to witness the leadership that pharmacists and pharmacy students across the country are implementing through patient care endeavors to make a meaningful impact in their community.

With the incredible gift of the Stamps Scholarship, I was awarded an enrichment fund that enabled me to travel to Honduras for a medical mission trip, as well as spend six weeks in Italy with a Purdue Study Abroad program. Inspired by my brief introduction to global health in Honduras, I decided to participate in the Purdue Kenya Program as part of my P4 rotations. This upcoming year, I will travel to Eldoret, Kenya for eight weeks to work at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital alongside American and Kenyan healthcare professionals and students. I am very grateful to have received the Chaney Global Scholars Award to offset some of the costs of traveling to Kenya, and I am again reminded of the generosity of supporters as I take advantage of the unique opportunities that Purdue affords us as students.

I truly cannot express enough how integral these contributions have been in shaping my opportunities during my time at Purdue University. Without a doubt, I hope to pay this forward in the future by contributing back to the University that I love so dearly! I know that my experiences at Purdue would not have been possible without this financial support, and I would be honored to create similar possibilities for future Purdue pharmacy leaders.

More About Anne

Anne Rodino is a 3rd Professional Year PharmD student from Oswego, Illinois. During her five years at Purdue, she has been involved in a variety of organizations both inside and outside of the College of Pharmacy. Within the College of Pharmacy, Anne is an active member of Phi Lambda Sigma, the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP), and the Purdue Pharmacy Ambassadors. Elsewhere on campus, she has been involved in Old Masters, Boiler Gold Rush, College Mentors for Kids, Alpha Chi Omega, and Global Medical Brigades. Additionally, she works for University Residences as a Resident Assistant in Third Street Suites. Anne is a Stamps Scholar and a Trustees Scholar, and she has received the Laura Lohman Scholarship, Kehrer Family Scholarship, and J. Richard and Patricia R. Zapapas Scholarship. 

(Student information and testimonial obtained in Spring 2016)

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