2016 Annual Report: Faculty International Initiatives

Industrial and Physical Pharmacy


Stephen R. Byrn

  • Sustainable Medicines for Africa, Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, Moshi, Tanzania, March and August 2016

Gregory T. Knipp

  • Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

Kinam Park

  • KIST-Purdue Digital Human Program

Rodolfo Pinal

  • Graduate Committee, Gabriel Jaime Colmenares, Ph.D. School of Health Sciences, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia
  • Graduate Committee co-chair, Carolina Mora Guerrero, Ph.D. Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia

Lynne S. Taylor

  • Gattefosse 50th Anniversary meeting, June 2016, France
  • ISOPOW, Plenary Lecture, June 2016, Switzerland

Yoon Yeo 

  • Foreign Fellow, Global RNAi Carrier Initiative at KIST, Korea Joint research on siRNA delivery with KIST investigators
  • Scientific Advisory Board Member, Samyang Biopharm, Korea

Qi (Tony) Zhou

  • Executive Committee Member, Institute of Bioparticles, Chinese Society of Particuology


Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology


V. Jo Davisson

  • Two different pharmaceutical sciences students from Universidad Nacional De Columbia were hosted for a total of 12 months; sponsored by Undergraduate Research Experience Purdue-Colombia through the Columbia-Purdue Initiative

Gregory H. Hockerman

  • Evan Pratt- 2016 Graduate Student Travel Award, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Chang-Deng Hu

  • Guest Professor at the Institute of Orthopedic Diseases, Jinan University

Markus A. Lill

  • Research visit at German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany, as part of Award for Advanced Scientists from Humboldt Foundation, Germany

Wanqing Liu

  • Collaborated with Drs. Quentin Asteen, Heather Cordell and Chris Day for NAFLD research, and published one paper (Aging, 2016)
  • Published and collaborated with Zhihai Peng MD and Xiaoliang Wang, MD, The Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China. (Transl Res, 2016, Frontiers in Genet, 2016)

Chiwook Park

  • Summer research at the Korea Research Institute for Standard Sciences (Daejeon, Korea) - evaluated and improved the target identification approach based on pulse proteolysis and SILAC-based quantitative mass spectrometry through collaboration with scientists at the institute

Carol B. Post

  • Organization is ongoing of a joint symposium between the Protein Society of the U.S. and the Asian Pacific Protein Society; this symposium is the first time for a partnership of the two Societies to hold an international conference in Sapporo, Japan in 2020

J. Christophe Rochet

  • Reviewer, Medical Research Council (U.K.)
  • Reviewer, Poland National Science Center
  • Reviewer, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Project Grants)
  • Reviewer, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Canada Research Chair)
  • Hosted Dr. Xiang Kou as a visiting scientist (Novartis, Shanghai, China)
  • Collaboration with Dr. Gergely Tòth (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Lee (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Collaboration with Dr. Erwan Bezard (University of Bordeaux, France)
  • Collaboration with Dr. Deniz Kirik (Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, Lund, Sweden)


Pharmacy Practice


Monica L. Miller

  • Purdue Kenya Program:
    • Development: alumni relations, plan events, developing newsletter
    • Tumaini: Rho Chi partnership management (sell goods for Tumaini); grantsmanship; handicraft sales
    • Students: conducted 12 hours of interviews for PKP APPE student selection; Spent 8 hours evaluating student applications before interview
    • Expansion: working to help expand the PKP reach in Tanzania and other possible countries

Sonak D. Pastakia

  • Inpatient care: During the two months that I have students, I round on the inpatient medicine wards at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. I also meet with the students in the afternoon where we address any questions they may have and discuss patients to improve their ability to provide clinical services in this setting. Outside of these two months I’m always available for consultation and discussion of any patients that are seen on the wards. I also will meet with the students in the afternoon when our other preceptors need coverage for their afternoon teaching sessions
  • Outpatient care: Most of my clinical duties now relate to the provision of outpatient chronic disease services to remote underserved areas. We’ve done this using novel delivery methods that are now being considered for expansion throughout Kenya and other developing world settings. We typically see groups of 20-30 patients and take students with us to observe our model
  • I also continue to assist the anticoagulation clinic we started. The staff typically consult me on difficult cases requiring additional guidance
  • I also see patients in the outpatient diabetes clinic we manage at rural sites and take a mix of students from a variety of disciplines with me
  • AMPATH Pharmaceutical Care Research Working Group: I serve as chair of our newly formed pharmaceutical care research
  • Revolving Fund Pharmacy: I help lead the activities of the revolving fund pharmacy team. This initiative is responsible for establishing backup supply chains throughout ministry of health pharmacies. In addition to coming up with this concept, I assist in the management and fundraising efforts
  • AMPATH HIV Pharmacy Database: I have helped develop a new database to organize HIV pharmacy services
  • Databases for all programs: We are currently in the process of developing new databases for all of our clinical programs
  • Gestational Diabetes: I lead an initiative designed to research and increase access to screening for gestational diabetes
  • BIGPIC: I coordinate the expansion of the BIGPIC concept to additional areas in addition to managing the current implementation sites
  • AMPATH pharmacy management: as co-chair of the pharmacy working group, I assist with the management of the AMPATH pharmacy and the many staff which work within that pharmacy; many of these are government employees who have guaranteed employment and have become accustomed to working half days or not even showing up to work
  • Anticoagulation: I assist in the overarching management of the anticoagulation program
  • Chronic Disease Management: I assist in the overarching management of the chronic disease management team and expansion of community based activities. I also sometimes serve as the acting co-chair of their research working group
  • Residents: I mentor the residents on their various research efforts and career development
  • Tumaini Drop in Center: I continue to serve as a founding member of the Tumaini Board of Directors

Ellen M. Schellhase

  • Global Health Residency: recruitment, candidate evaluation, mentoring, development (did not take a candidate)
  • Student PKP APPE Preparation: working with administrative assistant and business offices in Kenya and America on paperwork, transportation, and payment. This includes being on-call the weekend of departure and packing/delivering 4-6 trunks of supplies every 8 weeks. (4-5 hours per month); also conduct interest meeting, orientation meeting, evaluate applicants, and conduct application interviews
  • Purdue Kenya Program Finances: assist in coordinating efforts to manage PKP accounts
  • Risk Management – Prepare Annual Report for Purdue Risk Management Committee and attend annual risk assessment meeting; Purdue point person for evacuation of the practice site in Eldoret
  • Rho Chi Partnership – We as a team have partnered with Rho Chi to sells hand crafted products made by students at the Tumaini Street Children’s Center in Eldoret. This partnership was developed in 2011 and has been continued
  • Global APPE Experiences in Colombia – This year I have explored opportunities for student APPE in Colombia. My responsibilities have included meeting with Colombia Purdue Initiative (CPI) faculty and administrators, grant writing to fund explorations, a site visit and representing the College at CPI meeting as College-alternate
  • Global APPE Experiences in London – This year I have worked with Kara Weatherman to advance the APPE offered in London. Worked to streamline our cultural competence training for students going abroad and provide travel prep and oversight for all students. Included a site visit to St. Barts
  • Development Initiatives for PKP – Met with alumni and development officers. Work with new development staff as liaison to other areas of the University. Track donations to gift fund
  • Curriculum Development – Diploma and MS program development in Kenya and Tanzania continues (meetings, emails, curriculum reviews, meetings with colleagues from Tanzania)
  • Tumaini - assist in budget, donations; work with Board of Directors; grantsmanship; assist with handicraft sales
  • Coordinate PKP with other colleges within Purdue. Serve as representative of the PKP to build connections with other colleges. Examples for activities: attend I2D monthly meetings, met with US Ambassador Jenkins during campus visit, met with Dean in Agriculture, participated in and presented at a day-long meeting at Dow Ag Sciences

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