National Community Pharmacists Association Feature

Addie Sarver, President

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) strives to promote the practice of community pharmacy through legislation, Addie Sarver, presidentnetworking, and career development, as well as publications. Here at Purdue, NCPA meetings consist of discussions about current topics and issues in the pharmacy field. Members are also invited to hear from guest speakers and now this year, to collaborate on a pharmacy business plan. NCPA is always innovating, constantly catering activities and projects to the desires of students. This organization also offers field trips to independent pharmacies throughout Indiana, dinners with the advisor, Dr. Koh-Knox Sharp, and friendships among all pharmacy students.

Through NCPA, Addie Sarver, president of Purdue’s chapter, has met various pharmacy owners and discovered that anyone can own and operate their own independent pharmacy. This chapter challenges students to think critically and to talk about complicated issues, such as MTM services, opioid prescription dispensing, and telepharmacy practices with employers. These discussions lead to stronger relationships with other students and professionals. Addie says, “From very early on as a PP1 in NCPA, I was constantly in contact with older students who mentored me and helped me think about pharmacy in ways I had never really considered before.”

“Ultimately, this club is an excellent fit for anybody who is looking to connect with practicing independent pharmacy owners or employees, is passionate about serving the healthcare needs of entire communities and wants to be a part of one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors of pharmacy practice,” says Addie.


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