Pharmaceutical Sciences Club Feature

Seongwoon Moon, President

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Club is an introductory club for students curious about the pharmaceutical industry, but don’t know whereSeongwoon Moon, president to start. President, Seongwoon Moon, says the club “foster[s] close-knit learning and socializing to ease freshmen’s nerves and other worries.” The club is beneficial to students especially in PP1, PP2, or BSPS because it offers insight to industries and collaboration in learning the most recent and relevant pharmacy news.

In the past, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Club has had a guest speaker from the speaker from the research department of Eli Lilly, Jonathan Wade, and the club advisor, Rodolfo Pinal. Members also have the opportunity to visit a nearby pharmaceutical company and this year the club will be visiting Eli Lilly.

Seongwoon says that this club is one of the main reasons why he decided to go to pharmacy school. “Seeing all the diverse pharmacist jobs in the industry that I never knew about before influenced me into continuing my education in pharmacy despite the job saturation in community pharmacy,” he says. Seongwoon believes that every pharmacy student should have a goal for graduation, whether it is a fellowship, residency, PhD program, or even working with your favorite pharmacists in the local community pharmacy, and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Club is one way to work toward that goal.


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