Pharmacy Student Council Feature

Monica Frauhiger, President

The Pharmacy Student Council consists of the Pharmacy officer team, committee chairs (fundraising, publicity, community service, and activities), monica presidenttwo representatives from each pharmacy class, a representative from each pharmacy organization, and the Dean of Students. The club meets biweekly, sharing updates of each respective area and addressing any concerns within the college. 

“Being part of the Pharmacy Student Council is a great way to stay connected with the College and to be aware of all of the various activities put on by organizations,” says president, Monica Frauhiger. As a representative, students can hone their communication skills and be the face of their organization. Bouncing ideas off other representatives can spark ideas that will benefit the organizations and advance the College.

Monica says, “Working alongside students in other classes, especially those ahead of me in school has helped me to learn about opportunities and has encouraged me to push myself after seeing what those ahead of me have achieved.” The Pharmacy Student Council sustains time management, communication, and leadership skills for representatives and committee chairs. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you can benefit from the collaboration and involvement of the Pharmacy Student Council.

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