Phi Lambda Sigma Feature

Christine Cunningham, President

Phi Lambda Sigma, a Pharmacy Leadership Honor Society, promotes personal development, alumni engagement, and peer recognition. Pharmacy students PLSin their second professional year (P2) are eligible to join this preparatory organization to grow professionally. Phi Lambda Sigma is focused on helping students grow as leaders, stay actively involved in the college, and network with alumni and guests at Purdue.

“Being a part of Phi Lambda Sigma has helped me during my academic career at Purdue by providing me with an opportunity to grow my presentation skills,” says Christine Cunningham, president of the organization. Members are allowed to participate in leadership lectures each meeting by creating and giving a presentation to the rest of the organization. In her time at the club, Christine says, “I feel that having these lectures has provided me with experience to hone my presentation skills and take away some of the nerves of public speaking.” Phi Lambda Sigma has both personal and professional values. Members are paired with a mentor in pharmacy who practices in an area that each student finds interesting. Students have a professional contact to talk with regularly and to ask questions about how to better prepare themselves for their future careers.

If you want to gain leadership and networking experience, join Phi Lambda Sigma. Christine’s piece of advice for incoming pharmacy students is “to get involved early and seek leadership opportunities. Getting good grades and excelling academically is important but having leadership roles and connections often take you further than a 4.0 GPA will.”


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