Pre-Pharmacy Club Feature

Brooke Hollandsworth, President

Purdue’s Pre-Pharmacy Club is one of the largest undergraduate clubs in the College of Pharmacy with 169 members this year. The Brooke Hollandsworth, presidentPre-Pharmacy Club offers service time for students, just by attending biweekly meetings to make donations for an organization in the community. This organization is designed to help students starting the pharmacy program to learn how to balance their time between the heavy school workload and involvement in the community.

Pre-Pharmacy Club teaches students how to communicate with professionals. President of the organization, Brooke Hollandsworth says, “I am able to confidently approach a person who has been in pharmacy for decades and effectively communicate with them, which helps me gain more opportunities.” The club also provides study tables to help students’ understanding of difficult topics and knowledge of the different paths a pharmacy degree can lead to.

Because of the Pre-Pharmacy Club, Brooke was able to get job shadowing opportunities, such as a nuclear pharmacy, a custom dosing pharmacy, and a veterinary hospital. New students will be able to adjust better to college life by joining this challenging and nurturing organization.



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