Purdue Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Nathan Macatangay, President

The Purdue Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (PSSHP) is a student organization that fosters valuable perspectives on various pharmacist career nathan presidentoptions in health systems. PSSHP members get the opportunity to listen to clinical and ambulatory care pharmacists of various specialties who share what work they do daily and about their careers at meetings. This club offers opportunities beyond learning about various career options. For example, members can volunteer at local elementary and middle schools to teach about drug safety and each year a residency panel visits to introduce younger students to the basics of residency and to provide older students with the opportunity to ask specific questions.

“Through this organization, I have had the opportunity to interact with older students who offer me advice and are willing to help me with schoolwork when needed,” says Nathan Macatangay, president of PSSHP, “…I have also learned how to interact with my peers, which has helped me personally.” PSSHP builds both professional and personal skills and creates a space for students to build a network with professionals.

Nathan advises “as a student, you are most agile with exploring different career opportunities. Talk with pharmacists and shadow them; see what they do and find what interests you.” Join a club that can help you discover your interests and find the career path for you.

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