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Dr. Craig Svensson has published a book

Dr. Craig Svensson, Dean Emeritus in the College, has recently published a book “When There Is No Cure: How to Thrive While Living with the Pain and Suffering of Chronic Illness”. We sat down with him to get insight on what it’s about.

Why did you write a book on living with chronic illness?

I want to help people who are living with chronic illness, and those who care for them, learn how to thrive in the midst of the changes their illness will bring. As someone who lives with several incurable ailments, I know the challenges such patients face.

What type of chronic illnesses are covered in your book?

The book is applicable to a wide range of chronic illnesses. Some of the biggest categories are chronic pain and autoimmune disorders. It would especially help people suffering from degenerative disorders.

Who do you think should buy the book?

Patients living with chronic illness

Family members and friends of those living with chronic illness

Health professionals

What do you hope readers will get out of the book?

For people with chronic illness, I hope they learn how they can thrive in the face of alterations chronic illness brings to their lives. Their incurable illness will travel with them for the rest of their life, but their life can still be fulfilling.

For family and friends of those who suffer from chronic illness, they will better understand the challenges this illness causes their loved ones and friends, and also how they can help them cope with the many changes their illness brings.

For health professionals, I hope they gain some insight on what it’s like to be a patient with an incurable illness. It will help them better serve patients managing the dramatic life alterations that arise from an incurable disease. Most of us only experience acute illnesses, which disrupts our lives for a short period. With chronic illness, the impact on everyday life is profoundly different than acute illnesses.

Why are you donating to the Rho Chi student scholarship?

My wife and I have always participated in Rho Chi events during my time at Purdue. I’ve admired the priority Rho Chi has on fellow students through the scholarship program. Their fundraising efforts to help fellow students is admirable. It’s hard to think of a worthier cause to donate to.

Do you have another book in the works?

Yes, I’m working on a book on addiction.


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