Photo of Moises Martinez
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Moises Martinez is a second-year pharmacy student from Attica, Indiana. Fun fact, he plays in a family band with his father and two brothers! A newfound hobby of his is trying to find a new weekly study spot – he highly recommends the Taproom in the Union! 

What organizations are you a part of?

I am primarily involved with serving as President of the Purdue Chapter of American Pharmacists Association (APhA). Within this organization, I am very fortunate to work closely with our members and chapter advisors to achieve some big things such as exceeding our membership goal with record numbers, winning a National Award for Best Overall Film at our Annual Meeting, and immunizing over 1,000 students in the Fall 2018 semester! I will also be serving as the Leadership Development Chair within Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) this upcoming year, where I will get the opportunity to lead other Pharmacy Student Leaders in a national leadership challenge. Outside of pharmacy, I am a part of the Purdue Boxing Club. What better way to relieve stress than going a few rounds with the heavy bag? 

How has Purdue College of Pharmacy giving impacted your education and enhanced your experience as a student?

Purdue College of Pharmacy has impacted my education and enhanced my experience as a student by providing opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Purdue College of Pharmacy has some of the most renowned clinical faculty to teach both in the didactic setting and in settings outside of the classroom. Attending APhA's Annual meeting in Seattle, WA earlier this year has shown me the value of networking and opened my eyes to a brand new side of student leadership within the profession of pharmacy. Not to mention the prestige that Purdue Pharmacy holds nationwide. 

How is Purdue helping prepare you for your next “Giant Leap” in life? Your career after Purdue.

Purdue is helping to prepare for my career after Purdue by helping me take "Giant Leaps" while in the program that will prove to be valuable as I tackle life post-graduation. This summer I will be participating in the Riley Hospital for Children Internship where I will get the opportunity to explore a passion of mine - pediatrics! My mentors within the University have been instrumental in empowering me to take on this experience where I will get the opportunity to participate in rounds with different specialties, perform medication reconciliations and even co-lead my own research project! 

What’s your favorite Purdue memory?

My favorite Purdue memory is performing a guitar/singing duo with my 7-year-old brother (at the time) for a Multicultural Association of Pharmacy Students (MAPS) annual banquet in front of many Purdue Pharmacy faculty and alumni!