Clearing the Air and Purdue X-Pack Smoking Cessation Tool Kit

Photo of X-Pack and contents
Photo of X-Pack

The Purdue Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy will host “Clearing the Air”, a week dedicated to smoking cessation on the Purdue campus. Between April 2 and 6, they will provide “X-Pack” tool kits at no cost to help students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to quit smoking. Within the box are toothpicks, chewing gum, and therapy putty for use as cigarette substitutes.  Additionally, wallet-sized commitment quit cards and a fact meter are included to enhance motivation to quit. The package was redesigned specifically for Purdue, incorporating our traditional black and gold colors.

Support for the X-Packs and Clearing the Air Week is provided through a grant from the Student Organization Grant Allocation (SOGA) Board. According to Jamie Stewart, third-year pharmacy student who has led the effort, “the kit is designed similarly to a cigarette box, mimicking tobacco companies’ attempt to develop a product that is desirable to touch and open.” 

In a past program launched by George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, X-Pack use led to more favorable quit attempts, a result that Purdue pharmacy students hope to replicate on the Purdue campus.

The X-Pack kits will be available, while supplies last, through the Purdue University Pharmacy, the Center for Healthy Living, PUSH, and the Wellness Center in the CoRec. No appointment is necessary to receive one.

In addition to using the X-Pack, individuals who are ready to quit are encouraged to enroll in smoking cessation counseling at the Purdue University Pharmacy, the Center for Healthy Living, and/or the Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT NOW). 

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