Hannah Zambrano Receives NIDA Summer Research Internship

Hannah Zambrano

April 5, 2017 - Purdue Pharmacy student Hannah Zambrano has been selected to participate in the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 2017 Summer Research Internship Program. The program provides summer research internships with a focus on increasing underrepresented populations in drug abuse research. Hannah is a first year pre-pharmacy student and participant in the College’s Multicultural Association of Pharmacy Students (MAPS). As an intern, she will work with an NIDA-funded scientist at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the field of substance abuse and addiction research for eight weeks. The internship may include laboratory experiments, data collection, data analysis, formal courses, participation in lab meetings, patient interviews, manuscript preparation, library research, and literature reviews. In addition, she will deliver a formal presentation on her research project at the end of the internship.


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