John Nine (BS 1963, HDR 1983) Honored during Purdue Basketball Halftime

Pharmacy alum John Nine (BS 1963, HDR 1983) is a strong supporter of Purdue University. Over the years, he has given back to the College of Pharmacy both financially and by sharing his time and talents with our students. He currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at the College. A Boilermaker sports fan, he has also supported Purdue Athletics for many years, and the College is delighted to learn that he and his family were recently honored during halftime at a men’s basketball game for their lead gift for the Mackey Arena Lights Project, as well as a gift to the Brees Leadership League. You may read more about their gift here. The College is proud to call John a Purdue Pharmacy alum, and we thank him for his ongoing support of the University.

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