Service Recognition Program Honors College of Pharmacy Staff

The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost’s Recognition Program was held on January 21, 2016, to honor administrative and professional staff who have reached 10 through 45 years of service to the University. The College of Pharmacy is pleased to recognize the following individuals for their dedicated service. Congratulations!

10 years
Susan Holladay, Director of Laboratories
Heather Jaynes, Research Nurse, PHPR-IUPUI
Wen-Hung Wang, Research Scientist, MCMP-HANS

15 years
Holly Keckler, Associate Director for Recruitment, Office of Student Services
Brett Nees, Facilities Support Coordinator
Jeff Rattray, Manager of Web-based Instructional Technology
Dan Smith, Senior Research Scientist, IPPH-RSSQ
Ling Wang, Research Assistant, MCMP

20 years
Mark Sharp, Director of Technical Services

25 years
Janine Mott, Administrative Assistant for Graduate Affairs
Jane Stewart, Lab Manager, MCMP-HANS

More information about the service recognition program can be read here

Photo of long-service employees
College of Pharmacy honorees who were able to attend today’s luncheon program include (L to R) Jane Stewart, Janine Mott, Jeff Rattray, Holly Keckler, and Susan Holladay


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