Diversity Initiatives

Diversity LogoPurdue University prides itself on being a world-class institution and strives to “Promote human and intellectual diversity by providing equal access and opportunity to representatives of a rich variety of populations and cultures.” As outlined in its seven-year plan unveiled in 2008, Purdue University has promised that it strives to promote excellence in student learning, experiences, and outcomes. It focuses on student success, higher graduation and retention rates, and diversity among students, faculty, and staff. Our plan focuses on moving discoveries out of the laboratories so they can benefit people, society, and the economy. Our plan will develop students with the global credentials they need for success and leadership in the 21st century.

The Office of Diversity Initiatives in the College of Pharmacy provides support and a respectful community committed to helping you achieve your goals. The Purdue College of Pharmacy First Year Experience Peer Mentoring Program is a program within the Office of Diversity Initiatives that exists for exactly that reason. Our program Mission and Goals are to develop and implement strategies, initiatives, and efforts to increase diversity, particularly those from traditionally under-represented populations among students enrolled in programs of study within the College of Pharmacy, and to enhance the academic success and professional development of program participants and maximize the potential for an inclusive community that fosters respect, support, and engagement. 

The mission for the Office of Diversity Initiatives can be accomplished by four factors: 1) recruiting and retaining talented high potential students; 2) providing resources and support services to enhance academic success, retention, and ultimately graduation rates; 3) fostering interpersonal interactions that advances cultural competency; and 4) coordinating activities and experiences that prepare students to excel and assume leadership roles as pharmacy professionals.

All activities and experiences are pedagogically based and integral in efforts to successfully recruit, retain, and graduate students - irrespective of ethnicity. It should be noted that participation in Diversity Initiatives is not limited to students of any particular heritage.

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