Podcast episode 7: Alumna’s Allegiance: Building the Future for Pharmacy and Purdue


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It started out simply: Jim and Jeannie Chaney met at a singles’ gathering—their shared passion for helping others sparking a connection. Decades later, the two share an unbelievable legacy of generosity and service.

Jeannie grew up in a house of pharmacists. Her father, a pharmacist and drug store owner, asked her to start helping in the store when she was 13. By the time Jeannie was a freshman in high school, she knew pharmacy was the career path for her. She toured several universities, eventually making Purdue her home. The rest is history.

Years later, on a trip with the Purdue President’s Council, Jeannie and Jim would meet Purdue’s then-First Lady Jane Beering. Their discussion ignited something in the Chaneys. Their generosity has made indelible marks across Purdue’s campus and beyond, and has changed the lives of many Purdue students and alumni.

But it hasn’t stopped there. The couple is excited about what they can do next to help change lives for the better—not only at Purdue but around the world.