Innovation Associates

Purdue Pharmacy receives a significant gift in technology

The Purdue College of Pharmacy is excited to announce Innovation Associates and Purdue alumni Marv Richardson (BS, ’80) and Greg Wasson (BS, ’81) have donated a significant gift of new technology to the Purdue University Pharmacy.

The Purdue University Pharmacy will be receiving Pharm Assist, a 50-unit dispensing cabinet, 2, Light-way units, which will be used in the will-call area and the RapidPakRx automation machine, a pouch packaging machine.

Innovation Associates is an innovative pharmacy leader in automation and dispensing technology. “There are rapid investments in pharmacy automation technology today,” said Marv Richardson, Purdue Pharmacy alumnus and CEO of Innovation Associates. “Our companies focus is “Unleashing the Full Potential of Pharmacy”.  We accomplish this by using automation technology to remove dispensing activities from the pharmacy which allows for more time for patient facing activities including counseling, immunizations, COVID testing and Medication Therapy Management.”

The Colleges seeks to be on the leading-edge of technology with regards to community practice. “This gift enables the Purdue Pharmacy to be the most automated community pharmacy of any academic pharmacy and provides our students with experiences that demonstrate the potential of automation to enable pharmacists to engage in innovative and impactful direct patient care,” said Eric Barker, Dean of the Purdue College of Pharmacy.

Students will learn how to utilize automation to streamline the dispensing process. “This new technology will allow Purdue Pharmacy students the opportunity to be trained in an automated state-of-the-art facility,” said Nicole Noel, Director of the Purdue University Pharmacy. “These units will also increase patient safety during the process of dispensing medications ensuring each patient receives the correct medication.”

When the dispensing process is automated, pharmacists have more time to spend working directly with patients and less time filling prescriptions. This will demonstrate to the future pharmacists how integration of automation into a practice site will ultimately allow them to practice at the top of their licenses.  

“It is my hope that early exposure of Purdue Pharmacy students to this new technology, will allow a greater familiarity with this advancing technology prior to them entering their practice environments upon graduation,” said Marv.

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