R’Kes and Kim Starling

R'Kes (BS, '02) and Kym Starling give to Protect Purdue

R’Kes Starling, a 2002 Purdue Pharmacy alumnus, has held various postions in his career, but most recently he has launched a new company named Revels Clinical Services. Reveles, is a purposeful, technology-enabled clinical research solution as a direct response to the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining participants in the clinical development process. “I witnessed firsthand the barriers associated with the traditional clinical research model, where the majority of interactions and clinical procedures are required to take place inside the walls of the investigative sites,” R’Kes said. “These locations can be difficult for participants to access without an investment of significant time and travel-related expenses, which can lead to adverse downstream effects.”

Reveles is laser-focused on scaling its decentralized clinical trial (DCT) model, which is aimed to make clinical research more patient-centric. Reveles specializes in the hybrid DCT approach, we use services and technology solutions such as eConsent, wearable devices, sensors, telehealth study visits, eDiaries and modified in-person visits by home health care providers to collect labs and assess vital signs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our work supporting and accelerating the clinical development of new, innovative therapies has never been so meaningful.

For today’s Purdue Day of Giving, R’Kes and his wife Kym have contributed to the Protect Purdue initiative. “Kym and I gladly support Protect Purdue because these are unprecedented times and we greatly understand the precautions and safety infrastructure required to helps us protect our students, student athletes, faculty, staff and residences,” said R’Kes. “Kym and I strongly believe that a community produces most what it hones most. We are thrilled and honored to support the solutions to protect our Purdue Community.”

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