Pharmacy students in the State House rotunda

Students Participate in Pharmacy Day at the State House

On February 13, 2018, members of Purdue’s APhA-ASP student chapter participated in IPA Pharmacy Legislative Day. The event allows student pharmacists to meet and educate legislators about the value of pharmacists in the world of healthcare.

In conjunction with the event, Purdue Pharmacy students go to the State House and provide point-of-care screenings which include blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure screenings to Senators and State Representatives. While providing these screenings, students get the opportunity to speak with state legislators.

Michelle Higgins, Policy Vice President, APhA-ASP and student in the Purdue College of Pharmacy, helped organize the event. “Our profession is guided by laws in everything we do. Going out and experiencing events like this is important. We can help influence how things change and how they evolve our profession moving forward.”

After graduation, Michelle wants to have a career in policy legislation. “I love health policy. It’s the other side of pharmacy many people don’t think about. You can take the clinical knowledge you learn at Purdue and take it to other industries other than just the clinical aspect. It’s a different way to look at what pharmacists do every day.”


Students working at their table . Student helping a patient

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