Susan McLeod

Susan McLeod (BS, '78) helps Purdue Pharmacy Meet the Challenge

Susan McLeod received her BS in pharmacy in 1978 from the Purdue College of Pharmacy. She has always been proud to say she went to Purdue and received her pharmacy degree from the College of Pharmacy. “A Purdue Pharmacy degree has certain gravitas all over the world,” said Susan. “I never feared for my future economically.”

Today, Susan has made a leadership gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund. She hopes this gift will help ease the financial strain some students experience while attending a University. “Young people who have worked hard throughout high school should be able to pursue an education to fulfill their highest goals without borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Susan. “I believe in giving to one’s community and being dedicated to causes. It’s difficult for students to be involved and active when you’re working 60 hours a week to pay off student debt.”

She also hopes the College can provide curriculum and experiences for a wide variety of career choices for its graduates. “I think service learning and externship rotations are important. They show where pharmacists can provide an impact in today’s workforce and tomorrow’s heath care delivery,” added Susan.

When asked, what advice she would give a current student, she said, “students need to take as many classes in as many areas as they can manage—reading critically, writing intelligently, speaking directly, thinking globally, living simply—these skills never go out of style and yet are in seeming short supply.  It is imperative to develop tomorrow’s imaginative creators.”

Thank you to Susan McLeod. To find out how you can give, please visit:

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