Reserving Resources for a third party in Exchange

NOTE: These instructions are for Windows users using Outlook 2007.

If you are a delegate for someone, you can act as them and reserve rooms in their name.

If you are NOT a delegate, you have to include yourself any meetings that you create, including room reservations. (As the Organizer of the meeting, you are a required attendee.) Follow the procedure shown in our documents "Arranging meetings with other people in Exchange" and/or "Reserving Resources (Conference rooms, laptops, etc.) in Exchange".

HOWEVER, if you yourself are not attending the meeting, for example if you are a support staff member reserving a room for one of your faculty, you can mark your time as free, so that people who need to meet with you are available. To do this, right-click on the meeting and set "Show Time As" = "Free".

Dialog box showing setting a meeting as free
Marking yourself as free for a meeting you created for others

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