Mailing list policies

Authorized users

The College of Pharmacy general mailing lists are for internal use only.

  • No outsiders will be on our lists
  • Our lists do not accept mail from outsiders
  • Persons on any single list can send mail to all of the lists
  • Legacy lists for the School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences will be maintained for a reasonable length of time.

Outsiders who believe they have a legitimate reason to receive messages sent to one or more College of Pharmacy lists will not be added to the lists.  However, they can arrange for a designated person on the list(s) in question to forward relevant emails to them.  These arrangements should be made at the lowest possible administrative level.  (I.e. contact the department, school or college directly.)

Departmental users who wish to be placed on a mailing list outside of their area require approval from the Dean’s Office.

Mailing list usage

When the current system of mailing lists was established (December, 2007), Dean Svensson issued a memo that said:

These email lists are designed to ease communication throughout the College. However, as we all receive excessive email, it is important to carefully consider who really needs to receive your communication before sending it out via one of the College lists. While your colleagues certainly want to receive communications that are relevant to them, all of us would appreciate the judicious use of these lists.

Translation: Let's not spam each other!

Common sense rules

  • Don't send trivial messages to the lists.
  • Send to the lowest-level list you need. For example, if you have a message for faculty and staff in Pharmacy, send it to and, not to

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