Who is on a mailing list/Which list am I on?

How to tell which lists you are on

To determine which lists you are on, send an email to majordomo@pharmacy.purdue.edu.  (Note that you will receive better results if you send a plain-text email.) In the body of the email, include two lines that say:


You will soon receive a reply from MajorDomo, listing all of the lists that you are on (see example in Figure 1, below).  Note that the lists will be displayed by their short name, for example mcmp_clr instead of clerical@mcmp.purdue.edu.  (See Short names for lists, below)  Note also that lists such as all@pharmacy.purdue.edu and staff@pharmacy.purdue.edu do not contain email addresses, they are meta-lists (lists of lists).  Thus, if you are in list ipph_clr, you will also be included in staff@ipph.purdue.edu, all@ipph.purdue.edu, staff@pharmacy.purdue.edu, and all@pharmacy.purdue.edu.


>>>> which
The string 'rattray@purdue.edu' appears in the following
entries in lists served by majordomo@pharmacy.purdue.edu:

List                    Address
====                    =======
admin_ap                "Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>
backup                  "Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>
local_users             "Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>
sysadmins               "Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>
techsupport             "Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>

>>>> end
Figure 1 - Output from 'which' command

How to tell who is on a mailing list

To determine who is on one of our mailing lists, send an email to majordomo@pharmacy.purdue.edu.  In the body of the email, include two lines that say:

who list-short-name

for example:

who admin_ap

Note that you will need to refer to the lists by their short names, for example mcmp_clr instead of clerical@mcmp.purdue.edu.  (See Short names for lists, below)  You will soon receive a reply from MajorDomo, showing you everyone on the list you specified (see example in Figure 2, below).


>>>> who admin_ap
Members of list 'admin_ap':

"Chandler, Amy K." <chandler@purdue.edu>
"Lewis, Deborah D." <ddlewis@purdue.edu>
"Neary, Dana S." <nearyd@purdue.edu>
"Dubes, Joseph E." <dubesj@purdue.edu>
"George, T. Patrick" <georgetp@purdue.edu>
"Keckler, Holly Witherspoon" <keckler@purdue.edu>
"Holladay, Susan R. H." <holladay@purdue.edu>
"Sheese, Danielle E." <dsheese@purdue.edu>
"Mott, Janine C." <jmott@purdue.edu>
"Hultgren, Kyle E." <khultgre@purdue.edu>
"Schroeder, Brenda J." <brendaschroeder@purdue.edu>
"Coffman, Loretta" <loretta@purdue.edu>
"Davis, Angela R." <davis174@purdue.edu>
"Rattray, Jeffrey J." <rattray@purdue.edu>
"Burnette, Jennifer L." <jburnett@purdue.edu>
"Tarrh, William" <tarrh@purdue.edu>
"Lenartz, Diane M." <lenartz@purdue.edu>
"Linn, Brooke A." <balinn@purdue.edu>

18 subscribers

>>>> end
Figure 2 - Output from 'who' command

Short names for lists

The mailing list names as shown above (e.g. ap@ipph.purdue.edu) are easy for people to use.  However, the mailing list manager, MajorDomo, uses short names for each list, instead of the long names.  MajorDomo has to do this to differentiate between lists with the same name in different mailing domains (e.g. gradstudents@ipph.purdue.edu and gradstudents@mcmp.purdue.edu). The table below shows all of the “true” mailing lists in the College of PNHS general mailing lists.  MajorDomo will refer to the example above, ap@ipph.purdue.edu, as ipph_ap.

Table 1 - Short names for mailing lists
  pharmacy.purdue.edu ipph.purdue.edu mcmp.purdue.edu phpr.purdue.edu
faculty@ admin_fac ipph_fac mcmp_fac phpr_fac
adjunctfaculty@   ipph_adjfac mcmp_adjfac phpr_adjfac
affiliatefaculty@   ipph_afffac mcmp_afffac phpr_afffac
researchfaculty@   ipph_resfac mcmp_resfac phpr_resfac
ap@ admin_ap ipph_ap mcmp_ap phpr_ap
clerical@ admin_clr ipph_clr mcmp_clr phpr_clr
technical@ admin_tech ipph_tech mcmp_tech phpr_tech
postdocs@   ipph_pd mcmp_pd phpr_pd
grad@   ipph_grd mcmp_grd phpr_grd
visitingscholars@   ipph_visit mcmp_visit phpr_visit
undergrads@   ipph_ugrd mcmp_ugrd phpr_ugrd

You will note that the table above does not contain short names that correspond to lists such as staff@ipph.purdue.edu, or the all-important all@pharmacy.purdue.edu.  That is because those lists are not “true” mailing lists (lists of e-mail addresses).  They are meta-lists (lists of lists).  If you send MajorDomo a request for everyone on ipph_staff or pnhs_all, you will get a reply listing which other lists are contained in the list you asked for, NOT a listing of the people that the list ultimately goes to.  Here is how the meta-lists work:

allfaculty@domain.purdue.edu goes to domain_faculty, domain_adjfac, domain_afffac, and domain_resfac.  (e.g. allfaculty@ipph.purdue.edu goes to ipph_fac, ipph_adjfac, ipph_afffac, and ipph_resfac.

staff@domain.purdue.edu goes to domain_ap, domain_clr, and domain_tech.  For example, staff@ipph.purdue.edu goes to ipph_ap, ipph_clr, and ipph_tech.

all@domain.purdue.edu goes to all of the domain_, lists EXCEPT domain_ugrd.  For example, all@ipph.purdue.edu goes to all of the ipph_ lists in Table 1 above, except ipph_ugrd

The @pharmacy.purdue.edu lists go to the appropriate ipph_, mcmp_, phpr_, and possibly admin_ lists.  For example, ap@pharmacy.purdue.edu goes to ipph_ap, mcmp_ap, phpr_ap, and admin_ap.  grad@pharmacy.purdue.edu goes to ipph_grd, mcmp_grd, and phpr_grd.

Security for this information

You might be concerned that someone outside the College can determine who is on our mailing lists and start sending us all spam. Rest assured that the MajorDomo won't answer any queries for people who are not on our mailing lists. They get a reply that says:


>>>> who ipph_ap
**** List 'ipph_ap' is a private list.
**** Only members of the list can do a 'who'.
**** You [ Evil Person <person@evil.com> ] aren't a member of list 'ipph_ap'.
>>>> end
Figure 3 - Excluding outsiders

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