How to Submit a Work Request

  1. Go to this page: You will need to log in with your Purdue Career Account.
  2. Click on the type of work request you want to submit. The majority of the requests will be either "computer" or "instrument" requests.
    Some notes:
    • If you need software installed that controls an instrument, put it in as a computer request.
    • "Physical Labor" requests are for moving furniture, hanging pictures, installing bulletin boards, etc.
    • "Building Utility" requests are for changes to electrical outlets, light bulb changes, plumbing repairs, etc.
    • "Training" requests are for INSTRUMENTS only.
    • If your request doesn't fit into any other category, select "Other". There should be very few "Other" requests.
  3. Fill in the form that will display on the screen. You will have to complete all items in the form.
    1. For the priority, please use these guidelines:
      • Emergency - Lives are in danger or the equipment is about to be destroyed. Example: The computer starts smoking or sparking. Call any necessary emergency personnel, then Brett Nees at 765-49-41396 before you submit the work request. These requests will be very rare.
      • Urgent - You are unable to perform your work or research until the request is completed.
      • Normal - Most requests will fall into this priority.
      • Whenever - The request is mostly informational or there is an extended timeframe in which to do the work. Example: It is the start of the fall semester and you need something done by the beginning of the spring semester.
    2. If you are submitting a computer request, and your computer has a green ID tag, enter the number on the tag in the appropriate box and click on "Check Tag". This tells the IT staff which computer needs work, and allows them to access its service history.
  4. When you are finished, click on the submit button. You should get a confirmation message. If you do not get a confirmation message, please submit a new ticket.

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