How to request a wired network connection

  1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements:
    • Running Windows 7 Professional or higher, MacOS, or Linux.  NOTE: We do not support older Windows systems (Vista and earleri), or Home or Media Center Editions.
    • Your computer already has an Ethernet card/port.
    • You are willing to let Pharmacy IT manage the computer. This requirement is in accordance with our acceptable use policy, viewable at
    • You install McAffee Endpoint Security, available as a free download from (Career Account login required). Please perform this installation before you bring the computer into the Shop. If the computer is owned by Purdue, the IT staff will install the appropriate software.
  2. Submit a COMPUTER work request through the Technical Support website:; select the "a computer without a tag" option, and explain that you want to use your personal computer on Purdue's network, and that you are willing to allow us to manage its security.
  3. Pharmacy IT staff will arrange to work on your computer, ensure that it meets standards, and set it up for our wired network.

NOTE: All support for personally-owned equipment is limited to securing the computer for access to our wired network.

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