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Welcome to Purdue Pharmacy! We are excited you are interested in learning more about becoming part of the Purdue Pharmacy Family. We are ready to help you live the PharmLife. Join us in-person or virtually to learn more about Purdue and the College of Pharmacy. Check out the opportunities below!

In-person Opportunities 

Prospective and Admitted Students

Daily Visits

Needing to get a feel for Purdue's campus? The daily visit is the session for you! These visits encompass a walking tour of the academic campus, our Purdue Information presentation, and a walking tour of the student life campus. Our Daily Visits are designed for students at any stage of their college search.

Once you register for your Daily Visit, reach out to Mrs. Storie Pedley, College of Pharmacy recruiter and academic advisor, to schedule an appointment. She can meet with you before or after your daily visit to answer all of your pharmacy questions.


Upcoming Events

Prospective Students

Introducing Purdue

A day designed for high school students wanting to explore college options.

Purdue Diversity Day

Visitors will have the opprotunity to participate in a variety of activities to get an overview of Purdue. The day may be of particiular interest to minority students.


Admitted Students

Purdue Pharmacy Visit Day

Purdue Pharmacy Visit Day is an event created just for admitted students! Current Pharmacy Students and staff will show you all things Purdue Pharmacy. You will get an in-depth look into academics and student life activities. Meet the Dean, Purdue Pete and take a ride on the Boilermaker Special. 

  • April 1
  • Admitted students will get an invitation to register via email

Purdue's For Me

  • February 20, 24
  • March 6, 20, 24
  • April 3, 11
  • Registration coming soon

Purdue Diversity Day

  • March 27
  • Registration coming soon

Virtual Meetings

Join us and chat with our Pharmacy Advisors, Ambassadors and Mentors. We'll meet via Zoom and chat about the BSPS and PharmD programs, what it's like to be a part of the Pharmacy family and more! You'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered. 

Click on the "Registration Today" button or click on the desired events to register.


Upcoming Events

Admitted Students

February 2023

March 2022

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Chat with Purdue Pharmacy

You can schedule an appointment online, by phone or via email.

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