Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

  • Ms. Jennifer L. Asay , BS ‘94
  • Dr. Mary B. Baker, BS ‘79
  • Ms. Karin S. Beymer, BS ‘88
  • Mrs. JeanAnne D. Chaney, BS ‘61
  • Mrs. Lisa Leonard Koss, BS ‘90
  • Prof. Jane E. Krause, BS ’81 & MS ‘94
  • Dr. Yaman Kaakeh, PharmD ‘05
  • Ms. Winifred A. Landis, BS ‘81
  • Dr. Danielle K. Mullins, PharmD '09
  • Ms. Joanne Murphy-Woods, BS '88
  • Ms. Shirley L. Paddock, BS ‘90
  • Dr. Jessica S. Triboletti, PharmD '10
  • Dr. Ashley Wilson, PharmD '11
  • Dr. Yi Zhou, BS '13 & PharmD '13

committee memebers



The Pharmacy Women for Purdue (PWFP) program has the primary focus of fostering interaction between current students and alumni. It is the primary responsibility of the PWFP Steering Committee to assist with planning of the initiatives and events that would foster those relationships. Membership would involve participation in approximately four planning meetings throughout the year (mostly conference calls), and attend the spring PWFP conference each year.

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