Purdue Future 4 Pharmacy

We have a vision to build new and innovative facilities to prepare the next generation of leaders in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. By supporting the Future4Pharmacy Initiative, you will allow us to meet
4 critical goals:

  1. Promoting interprofessional and multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships on campus with units like nursing and the life science institutes by strategically placing this facility near the emerging concentration of life-sciences on south campus. Other key collaborations that would be enhanced by new facilities at a south-campus location include Veterinary Medicine, Drug Discovery, the Cancer Center, Health & Human Sciences as well as the IU School of Medicine-West Lafayette.
  2. Attracting the best faculty and students. Nearly all of our top 25 peers have better facilities than Purdue, placing us at a competitive disadvantage for faculty and student recruitment. We must address our decaying building infrastructure that poorly supports contemporary teaching and research.
  3. Enhancing collaboration within the college by bringing our faculty and students in proximity to each other. We are currently fragmented across eight buildings on and off campus. Bringing faculty and students together is a top priority.
  4. Catalyzing a profound upward trajectory of ranking for our PharmD program in keeping with our Big Ten peers.

Are you ready to take a GIANT LEAP? We hope that you will join us in securing the future for Purdue Pharmacy.