Pharm D Prerequisites

Admission Criteria

All Pre-Pharmacy requirements must be completed prior to entry into the program (the courses PHRM 10000 and PHRM 20000 are waived for students who did not attend Purdue’s West Lafayette campus when doing their pre-pharmacy program). Students may complete these requirements at other colleges and universities, and international transfer credit is accepted. However, the two semesters each of organic chemistry, anatomy/physiology, and one semester each of biochemistry and immunology, must be completed in the United States, regardless of whether they have been taken previously.

Because of the integrated nature of the curriculum, it is not possible to be admitted to the professional program with advanced standing beyond the beginning of the first professional year. The Pre-Pharmacy requirements are as follows (see the specific courses in the Purdue Pre-Pharmacy program that meet these requirements)

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements
Subject Requirement
Anatomy and Physiology 6 semester hours, with lab
Calculus I 3 semester hours
Economics 3 semester hours - micro, macro, or general
English Composition 3 semester hours
General Biology I & II 8 semester hours, with lab
General Chemistry I & II 8 semester hours, with lab
Microbiology 4 semester hours, with lab
Organic Chemistry I & II 8 semester hours, with lab
Pharmacy Orientation West Lafayette Students Only
Physics 4 semester hours, with lab; can be non-calculus based
Immunology 3 semester hours, preferred but will also accept Cellular Biology, Genetics or Cancer Biology
Biochemistry 3 semester hours
Statistics 3 semester hours
Speech Communications 3 semester hours


Admissions Decision Factors

The Admissions Committee will select the best qualified applicants for the PharmD program based on a composite assessment of the following characteristics.

  • Evidence of academic readiness for, and commitment to PharmD learning goals 
  • Evidence of organizational involvement, leadership, and social responsibility experiences
  • Evidence of quality interpersonal skills, including verbal and written communications
  • Evidence of passion for pharmacy and empathy towards others
  • Knowledge about various pharmacy practice environments
  • Cumulative grade point average for all coursework taken after high school (suggested minimum 3.00)
  • A grade of C- or higher must be earned in all pre-pharmacy core math/science courses (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, immunology, calculus, physics, and statistics).
  • Work experience
  • Two letters of evaluation (required)
  • Applicant statements
  • Extemporaneous written and verbal communication exercises
  • Completeness of application

A presentation on the admission process and the factors considered by the admissions committee can be found in this PDF file.

A personal interview with one or more representatives from the Admissions Committee is required. This will be arranged for the most qualified students after applications have been received.

Students applying for the PharmD program must currently and continually meet the College of Pharmacy Technical Standards for Admission and Retention, which are available in the Student Handbook.

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