The Pharmacy Women's Leadership Award is presented annually by the Pharmacy Women for Purdue (PWFP) to recognize an alumna of the College of Pharmacy who has made significant contributions to and demonstrated exemplary involvement with the College. She must demonstrate significant and sustained volunteer leadership through service to the professional community. The recipient must also demonstrate engagement in the mentorship of colleagues and students. Nominations for this award come from the PWFP Steering Committee and the College’s faculty and staff. More information about PWFP can be found here

2024 Pharmacy Women's Leadership Award

Sherry Benway Bryant (BS 1981)

Sherri (Benway) Bryant (BS 1981) began her career as a pharmacist at Arth’s Drug Store and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana. She then worked as a part-time pharmacist in various locations, including Home Hospital in Lafayette, Osco Drugs in Maryland, the Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis, and in various community pharmacy positions with Osco Drugs, Marsh Pharmacies, and Walgreens.

Sherri then shifted gears to teach at St. Pius X in Indianapolis as a junior high religion teacher. After a chance to substitute teach science, she discovered she especially enjoyed teaching science. She obtained her Transition to Teaching certificate at Indiana Wesleyan University in Carmel and accepted a position at St. Joan of Arc school in Indianapolis where she taught junior high science before landing her current role at Cardinal Ritter High School, where she has taught for the last 17 years.

At Cardinal Ritter High School, she has taught freshman biology, earth-space science, AP Biology, and now, AP chemistry, which she has taught for the last 10 years. Additionally, Sherri offers the Purdue College of Pharmacy’s Introduction to Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHRM 100) online course to her students. In fall of 2024, Sherri will offer the online Purdue Pharmacy Technician Training Program to afford her students opportunities to work as pharmacy technicians.

In addition to teaching, Sherri serves as a coach for the Cardinal Ritter Brain Game team, Academic Olympics, and Indiana Academic Super Bowl competition.

Sherri is married to Henry (PhD 1985), and they share three children—Jenny, Laura, and John—as well as five (soon to be six) grandchildren.

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