Pharmacy Women's Leadership Award

The Pharmacy Women's Leadership Award is presented annually by the Pharmacy Women for Purdue (PWFP) to recognize an alumna of the College of Pharmacy who has made significant contributions to and demonstrated exemplary involvement with the College. She must demonstrate significant and sustained volunteer leadership through service to the professional community. The recipient must also demonstrate engagement in the mentorship of colleagues and students. Nominations for this award come from the PWFP Steering Committee and the College’s faculty and staff. More information about PWFP can be found here

2017 Pharmacy Women's Leadership Award

Valerie Gaylor
Valerie Gaylor (BS 1979, PharmD 1985)

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Valerie Gaylor graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Pharmacy in 1979. She worked for two years at St. Joseph Medical Center before returning to Purdue to earn her PharmD degree in order to expand her knowledge base to work with a team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. She has been employed at the Pharmacist Recovery Network (PRN) since 1998.

Valerie was vital in getting the Pharmacy Women for Purdue started, opening her home to our group for events. She shared information about the Pharmacy Recovery Network with female students and worked with fellow alumnae to assist our fourth year professional PharmD female students with interviewing, résumés, and residencies.


Previous Award Recipients

2016:  Mary B. Baker (BS 1979)
2015:  Joanne Barrick (BS 1984)
​2014:  Jane Krause (BS 1981, MS 1994)
2013:  Shirley Paddock (BS 1990)
2012:  Jennifer Asay (BS 1994)
2011:  Alisa Wright (BS 1987)
2010:  Jeannie Chaney (BS 1961)

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