Graduate Pharmacy Programs FAQs

  1. Is financial aid available to international students?
    Most students are admitted with offers of financial support, either in the form of an assistantship or, for highly qualified individuals, fellowships. A list of additional sources of funding is provided by the Graduate School. Financial aid, in the form of government-backed loans and/or grants, is not available to international students.
  2. As an international student, am I required to take the TOEFL exam?
    The TOEFL exam is a required part of the admissions process for international students whose first language is not English. Purdue requires a 550 minimum score on the paper-based test, a 213 minimum score on the computer-based test, or a 77 minimum score on the IBT test, with the following minimum scores per section: Speaking 18; Writing 18; Listening 14; and Reading 19. Most successful applicants to the College of Pharmacy's Graduate Programs have TOEFL scores in excess of 600. If the TOEFL test is NOT available in your area, you may also take the academic version of either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Pearson's Test of English (PTE)
  3. How soon will I hear about my application status?
    Different schools and departments have different timelines for responding to applicants. While we make every effort to ensure that our applicants receive a response in a timely manner, some departments do not make admissions decisions until they know the amount of financial support that they will have available, which is typically after February 1.
  4. Do you offer a Ph.D. in Economics?
    We offer a Ph.D. degree in Pharmacy Administration with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Economics. This degree program is not associated with Purdue's School of Management. This program is not intended for those who seek a Ph.D. in Economics. The College of Pharmacy does not offer a Ph.D. in Economics.
  5. How do I pay the application fee?
    You MUST pay your nonrefundable application fee online with your credit card. Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted and processed using a secured online payment system. Your application will not be processed until your application fee has been paid. The application fee is $60.00 (U.S. dollars) for domestic applicants and $75.00 (U.S. dollars) for international applicants.
  6. I only have one set of transcripts from my native country. Do I have to submit originals?
    Yes, the Purdue University Graduate School requires original, official transcripts; photocopies, certified copies, and notarized copies are not acceptable. If the transcript does not show that the degree has been awarded, then you must provide official copies of your diploma, both in the original language and an official English translation.
  7. How long will it take to obtain a M.S. or a Ph.D. degree?
    The length of time to obtain a Ph.D. degree varies among students and departments. Normally the degree of Master of Science is obtained within a period of three to five semesters or their equivalent calculated on a full-time basis.
  8. Can I apply off-line?
    No, an electronic application is the only way to apply. However, before completing that application, make sure that you meet the minimum application criteria for the department to which you are applying.
  9. What are the deadlines for applying for an international student?
    Most departments in the College of Pharmacy admit students in the fall semester ONLY, with the exception of the part-time programs in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy.  For the application deadline for a specific department, please see their web pages.

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