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The projected semester start dates for the Doctor of Pharmacy program differ after the first professional year from those of the general Purdue University calendar. As an example, during the fall of the second and third professional years, half of the students in a given class year will begin their Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) three weeks prior to the start of classes for the general Purdue population and the students not participating in IPPE during the fall will start their classes a week later than the general Purdue population. During the spring semester, the students not completing their IPPE in the fall semester will begin their IPPE in the spring one week before classes begin for the general Purdue population.  Students taking IE courses will begin class in accord with the normal University calendar. The current Doctor of Pharmacy calendar calls for students in the program to be in class recess during the first three professional years in a manner consistent with the general Purdue University calendar (i.e., Labor Day, October Break, Thanksgiving Break, Martin Luther King Day, and Spring Break). However, these scheduled breaks, as well as the overall Doctor of Pharmacy calendar may be modified by either action of the College faculty or Purdue University. During the fourth professional year, students begin their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) during the month of May immediately following completion of the third professional year. Students will be scheduled for 40 weeks of APPE during the calendar year, typically in 4 or 8 week blocks.

Also see: Pharmacy Drop/Add Calendar - Spring 2018 Deadline Dates.

Schedule for Fall 2018

P2/P3 Everyone else
Date Event Date Event
Jul. 30 - Aug 24 IPPE    
    Aug. 20 Classes start (16 wk)
Aug. 27 Classes start (12 wk)    
Oct. 8-9 October Break Oct. 8-9 October Break
Nov. 16 Classes end (12 wk)    
Nov. 21-14 Thanksgiving Break Nov. 21-14 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 27-Dec. 13 Intensive Elective Courses Dec. 8 Classes end (16 wk)
Dec. 14-15 Intensive Elective Finals Dec. 10-15 Finals


Schedule for Spring 2019

P2/P3 Everyone else
Date Event Date Event
Dec 31- Jan. 25 IPPE    
Jan. 7-24 Intensive Elective Courses Jan. 7 Classes start (16 wk)
Jan. 25-26 Intensive Elective Finals    
Jan. 28 Classes start (12 wk)    
Mar. 11-16 Spring Break Mar. 11-16 Spring Break
Apr. 26 Classes end (12 wk) Apr. 27 Classes end (16 wk)
Apr. 29 - May 4 Finals Apr. 29 - May 4 Finals


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