Student Organizations

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to develop some outside interest or activity in addition to academic study. A well balanced college career includes extracurricular involvement as well as classroom and laboratory work.

Students have opportunities to obtain military training; join social and honorary fraternities, sororities and clubs; participate in intercollegiate and recreational sports; the Purdue Bands and Musical Organizations; and a number of honorary societies. Women students may also participate in the Association for Women Students (AWS).

Both men and women students engage in the social activities centered in the Purdue Memorial Union, take part in the University Theatre, do staff work and writing for student publications, and enter into all the various extracurricular affairs of the campus.

The Dean of Students Student Activities and Organizations office maintains a listing of all student organizations at Purdue.

Pharmacy Student Organizations

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Established in 2002, the Purdue University Student Chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a student organization that recognizes pharmaceutical sciences as a multi-disciplinary field integrating the disciplines of engineering and health, life, and physical sciences. The Chapter provides opportunities for academic growth, professional advancement, and leadership development related to all aspects of drug development in order to increase student awareness of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.

American Pharmacists Association, Academy of Students of Pharmacy (ASP)

The Purdue chapter of the Academy of Student Pharmacists is also affiliated with the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance (IPA). Membership is extended to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in pharmacy programs. Its objectives are to encourage and provide for student participation in national, state, and local association affairs; to encourage scholarly, scientific, and professional attitudes and performance among pharmacy students; to provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to these objectives; and to familiarize students with the conditions existing in and the problems confronting the pharmacy profession.

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International

This club is open to all students and faculty members including prepharmacy, pharmacy, and graduate students. We hold weekly bible studies and promote godly behavior and attitudes among Purdue Pharmacy students. We host various events to foster an awareness of God within the profession of Pharmacy.

College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists

CPNP Purdue is a recognized student chapter of the national College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists organization. CPNP Purdue is a student-driven organization focusing on outreach to, community services for, and education of persons with psychiatric and neurologic disorders. Eligible students are PharmD students in the P1-P4 years with an interest in working with people with mental illnesses.

Industrial Pharmacists Organization

Established in 2012, Purdue's chapter of IPhO was among the first in the country. Our goal is to inform and empower students as they pursue opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry. By providing networking outlets, professional development opportunities, and educational resources, our chapter promotes the many roles that Pharm.D. graduates hold within industry. All pre-pharmacy and professional students are welcome.

International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)

As part of the world’s largest global association for pharmaceutical sciences, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Purdue Chapter seeks to offer students diverse pharmaceutical opportunities to develop their interest in the industry. Purdue Chapter offers mentors, networking with other students and industry personages and many more valuable resources by hosting several social events and industrial visits. We also help members with finding internships and jobs opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Membership is open to anyone in the College of Pharmacy or the School of Engineering.

Kappa Epsilon

Pi Chapter of Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, and leadership. The object and purpose of this professional fraternity is to promote women in pharmacy and to foster professional consciousness. Membership provides opportunities for leadership development, community service, and fellowship.

Kappa Psi

Pi Chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is a professional fraternity. Each year a new group of men and women is pledged from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes in the College of Pharmacy. The pledges are selected by the members on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and interest in furthering the profession of pharmacy. The various activities encountered through Kappa Psi offer the active member fellowship with their college colleagues and an opportunity to become involved in community projects, both socially and professionally.

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

Purdue University NCPA Student Chapter provides a forum for pharmacy students to learn about the many career opportunities available in independent pharmacy practice. Student chapter members participate in NCPA on a national level, are involved in community service, promote independent pharmacy and stimulate interest in ownership, and advocate legislative action. Pharmacy students who are currently enrolled and in good standing may join as active members, and prepharmacy students may join as associate members. All student chapter members must also be student members of the National Community Pharmacists Association.

Pediatric Pharmacy Education Done by Students

Pediatric Pharmacy Education Done by Students is a student-run organization which promotes interest and awareness surrounding pediatric medication management. Activities will consist of shadowing pediatric pharmacists in a variety of settings, touring local children’s hospitals, hosting panels in which pharmacists speak about careers in pediatric pharmacy, hosting idea swaps and social events, and representing pediatric interests in college activities and events.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Club

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Club is an organization formed to encourage students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy program to explore career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Membership is open to all students in the College.

Pharmacy Student Council

The Pharmacy Student Council serves as a communication resource between students and the faculty. It consists of two representatives from each class, including the prepharmacy students (elected by each class in November to serve one year terms), and representatives of the other student organizations within the College. In addition to their main goal to foster communication between students and faculty, the Pharmacy Student Council has been involved with improvements within the College such as providing lockers and adding vending machines to the student lounge area. Other service activities include sponsoring the Pharmacy First Nighter each fall and providing assistance with the pharmacy admissions interview week. The Pharmacy Student Council also serves as an advisory group in matters pertaining to educational, professional and extracurricular activities within the College. It meets regularly (usually twice a month) and is a ready sounding board for student ideas.

Phi Delta Chi

America’s first professional fraternity in pharmacy. It is a co-ed fraternity and annually pledges both men and women who are either 2nd year prepharmacy students or enrolled in the College of Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional, and social growth in its Brothers. We strive to provide quality service to our patients, thereby advancing public health and strengthening ourselves as health professionals. Phi Delta Chi encourages Brothers to develop as leaders, as excellent pharmacists, and as well-rounded citizens. Excellent pharmacists are the most important product of Phi Delta Chi.

Phi Lambda Sigma

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma promotes and recognizes the development of leadership qualities in pharmacy. The Society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities; members are selected by peer recognition. Students considered for membership must have completed 90 hours of scholastic work and have attained a scholastic grade point average of 2.50. Members have demonstrated dedicated service and leadership to the advancement of pharmacy. Faculty, professional staff, and alumni are also eligible for membership.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

This organization is open to all students enrolled in the Pre-Pharmacy curriculum. The club sponsors events which promote social involvement among students. Assistance in scholastic achievement is also available.

Purdue Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (PAMCP)

PAMCP is the Purdue student chapter of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, the national organization dedicated to providing improved quality of life for patients through appropriate and accessible medication therapy. The chapter’s purpose is to allow students to explore the career options in managed care and other areas where the management of pharmaceutical therapy related to population health (as opposed to individual patients) is the major concern.

Purdue Pharmacy Ambassadors

The Purdue Pharmacy Ambassadors is an organization that is open to all prepharmacy students and pharmacy students in the professional program. Members of this organization assist the College with various recruiting activities such as discussing preparation for college and entrance into the prepharmacy program. PPA hosts the Pharmacy Job Fair each Fall, a one-day event that provides students with opportunities for summer internships, permanent employment, and contact names for future references. PPA also runs a Mentoring Program which assists in the adjustment of Pre-Pharmacy students to both Purdue and the College of Pharmacy. Freshmen are matched with an upper class pharmacy student who provides support, encouragement, and guidance. All freshmen are eligible to participate. First, second, and third professional year pharmacy students serve as mentors.

Purdue Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists

This organization, established in 1990, provides an opportunity for students to become knowledgeable about providing pharmaceutical care in hospitals and other institutions. In addition, students have the opportunity to observe pharmacy practice in an organized health care setting. Membership and participation in the Indiana Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is encouraged both as a student and upon graduation.

Rho Chi

Alpha Zeta Chapter of Rho Chi is a national honorary pharmaceutical society. Eligibility for membership is limited to upper class professional and graduate students in pharmacy and is based on high attainment in scholarship, character, personality, and leadership - being limited to a maximum of 20% of each class. The initiation banquet for new members is held annually in the fall, while each spring Rho Chi sponsors an honors convocation to recognize scholastic achievement among all classes of pharmacy.

Society of Nuclear Pharmacy, Purdue Student Chapter

This organization, established in 1993, extends membership to students who are enrolled in prepharmacy or pharmacy curricula with an interest in nuclear pharmacy. The organization’s objectives are to give the students a better opportunity to learn about the profession through contact with their peers and invited speakers and through participation in Society functions. The Society also serves to improve communications between the students and the companies and individuals involved in nuclear pharmacy practice.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

The Purdue student chapter of the National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) extends membership to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in pharmacy programs. Its main objectives are to provide mechanisms by which minority pharmacy students may participate in shaping their professional curricula; to develop within minority communities, a positive image of black, Latino, and other minority health professionals; and, to inform pharmacy students of opportunities and obligations as future health care professionals. To attain its purposes and objectives, SNPhA develops, conducts, and coordinates programs which provide services, research, and training in areas directly affecting the health care or minority population.

Student Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists (SSVHP)

The Student Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists is an organization that provides pharmacy students with meaningful and unique opportunities to explore the growing field of veterinary pharmacy. SSVHP engages pharmacy students in the field of veterinary pharmacy by working to increase awareness of the need for more veterinary pharmacists in the near future as well as the need for better knowledge of animal pharmaceutical care, holding campus-wide fundraising events for local animal shelters, wildlife facilities, and veterinary teaching hospitals, and enhancing the exchange of ideas among veterinary pharmacists and pharmacy students. Our organization hopes to hold workshops and educational meetings promoting veterinary pharmacy and continue encouraging the introduction of veterinary pharmacy education into more colleges of pharmacy. We look forward to building a sustainable chapter that becomes part of every class’s legacy.

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