The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting the research proposal development activities of faculty members.  The college has partnered with the College of Science and the College of Health and Human Sciences for a joint pre-award center.  Pre-Award Services is a value added service provided to Purdue faculty and staff that is dedicated to supporting the creation of quality proposals and contracts that are both technically and administratively sound.

The goal of submitting the highest quality proposal is accomplished with strong collaboration and teamwork.

To initiate a grant proposal submission contact:

All faculty should be familiar with the Policy on Grant Submission Deadlines.

Enhancing Grantsmanship

The College of Pharmacy is committed to assisting all faculty develop outstanding research grant proposals.  Throughout the year, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) offers a variety of grant writing workshops.  Information related to these workshops will be forward from the Associate Dean for Research.

Additional support

Many professional organizations sponsor grant writing workshop/seminars at their national meetings. The college will provide $500 travel support for assistant professors to attend such grant writing workshops.   If you are interested in receiving such support, please contact the Associate Dean for Research 60 days prior to the meeting for approval.

In addition, the college will provide financial support up to 50% of the cost of this program for qualified faculty to attend the ACCP Focused Investigator Training (FIT) program (   If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the Associate Dean for Research.

Grant readers/editors and pre-review opportunities

A hallmark of favorably reviewed grant applications is that significant effort has been made to obtain comments on the ideas, aims, and actual application prior to submission.  A key to success is proactive planning on the part of the faculty member and a willingness to discuss ideas with others.  In addition, faculty members should complete a draft of the proposal at least one month in advance of stated deadlines to allow for proper pre-review by readers/editors or external reviewers.  Faculty members are encouraged to share their drafts with colleagues (internally or externally for comment).  In addition, several other mechanisms for such pre-review are available.

OVPR Assistance - Limited scope reviews (e.g., quick reads for clarity) may be completed at no charge by grant writing staff members in the OVPR (contact Sally Bond; 

More extensive reviews may be completed by outside consultants. The Associate Dean for Research has contact information for several outside consultants that may be available to assist faculty with grant submissions. These individuals typically charge ~$100/hr. A small grant review (R21 type) will cost $400-500 while an R01 application review may cost ~$1000. The College will provide support of $500 per faculty member per year for external grants exceeding $50K. Contact the Associate Dean for Research if you wish to use these resources.