Eaton Entrepreneurial Award

Lyman D. Eaton II (BS 1974) and Joyce A. Eaton established the Eaton Entrepreneur of the Year Award for an alumnus/a of the College who has excelled in entrepreneurial activities during his/her career. The recipient is presented with an engraved plaque and recognized at a public function.

Eaton Entrepreneur of the Year Award Selection Guidelines:

  • The winner must have excelled in the area of entrepreneurial activity by starting or growing a company/commercial enterprise in a significant manner.
  • The Dean of the College of Pharmacy and/or his/her nominee will determine the winner.
  • The winner must be able to travel to campus and receive the award and deliver a lecture relating to entrepreneurial activity to the Dean’s Executive Forum class in the spring semester.



2020 Eaton Entrepreneur


R’Kes Starling (BS,2002)

R'Kess Starling

R’Kes Starling is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Reveles Clinical Services. Reveles is a purposeful, technology-enabled clinical research support company based in Dallas, Texas. For patients with rare and other complex diseases that are unable to participate in traditional clinical trials, Reveles is accelerating the clinical trial process by enabling patients to participate from the comfort of their homes. Reveles leverages integrated technologies and decentralized clinical services by home health nurses and other professionals to collect labs, assess vital signs and administer investigational medications to patients while in the comfort and safety of their homes. We have a strong social mission to address the lack of diversity and underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in clinical research by increasing awareness and expanding access to clinical research in the home.

R'Kes is a deeply passionate and visionary leader that possesses many of the “soft skills” that is central to the entrepreneurial mindset. One of his greatest attributes is self-awareness. He firmly believes that self-aware leaders are effective leaders. Additionally, R’Kes is a leader that is humble enough to recognize his on weakness and be able to ask for help. He has the confidence to act decisively, commit to decisions, and see those decision through to their conclusions. R’Kes has the ability to think of ideas and create solutions to problems without clearly defined structures. With the full launch of Reveles, he has shown a capacity to apply higher-level, process-oriented thinking, consider an issue from a range of possible perspectives and use that reasoning to make decisions.


Previous Award Recipients

2020: John Zehner (BS 1991)
2019: Nathan Gabhart (BS 1998)
2013: Hamid Abbaspour (BS 1985)
2013: Alisa Wright (BS 1987)
2012: Katie MacFarlane Phillips (BS 1988, PharmD 1989)
2011: Rick Rondinelli (BS 1980)
2010: Barry Hart (BS 1990)
2009: Marcel Sassola (BS 1983)
2008: Jeff (BS 1997) and Angela (BS 1997, PharmD 1998) Jackson
2007: John (BS 1999) and Tara (BS 1999) Voliva

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