Eaton Entrepreneurial Award

Lyman D. Eaton II (BS 1974) and Joyce A. Eaton established the Eaton Entrepreneur of the Year Award for an alumnus/a of the College who has excelled in entrepreneurial activities during his/her career. The recipient is presented with an engraved plaque and recognized at a public function.

Eaton Entrepreneur of the Year Award Selection Guidelines:

  • The winner must have excelled in the area of entrepreneurial activity by starting or growing a company/commercial enterprise in a significant manner.
  • The Dean of the College of Pharmacy and/or his/her nominee will determine the winner.
  • The winner must be able to travel to campus and receive the award and deliver a lecture relating to entrepreneurial activity to the Dean’s Executive Forum class in the spring semester.



2014 Eaton Entrepreneur

Photo of Craig Svensson and Hamid Abbaspour

Hamid Abbaspour (BS 1985)

Hamid Abbaspour was born in Shiraz, Iran, and at the age of 16 moved to the United States to live with his brother who was a graduate student at Indiana University in Bloomington. Hamid attended Bloomington High School North. He was influenced by his two brothers, Aziz and Karim, who were PhD chemists. He pursued pharmacy for its direct application of chemical principals on human life, studing pre-pharmacy at Indiana University and then received his BS in Pharmacy in 1985 from Purdue University.

Hamid commenced his professional career in various divisions of the Pharmacy Department at the Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis. His final assignment at the hospital was in outpatient oncology, and he also worked part-time for a home infusion company. During these two assignments he acquired a great appreciation for the terminally ill patient as well as a pro-active role a pharmacist can play in this environment. In 1988, he established the Dr. Aziz Pharmacy, located in Indianapolis, named in memory of his brother (Aziz Abbaspour, PhD) after his sudden death from cancer.

Dr. Aziz Pharmacy has been a leader in providing advanced pharmacy services in the community setting. The focus of the pharmacy has been to take care of the terminally and chronic ill patient such as HIV, oncology, fertility, diabetes, and women's health. During the early 1990s, Dr. Aziz Pharmacy expanded to home infusion services as well as home health/nursing services and was accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). It has been featured in numerous articles as well as a cover story of the American Druggist Journal. In October of 1997, Hamid was selected as one of the top 50 pharmacists influencing pharmaceutical care by American Druggist Journal. Since  2012, Dr. Aziz Pharmacy has evolved from a pharmacy to a full service medical practice and health and wellness company. In addition to four pharmacists, the staff includes a physician, nurse practitioner, and medical assistants, and together they offer a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

Hamid is a life member of the Purdue Alumni Association and a member of the Purdue University President's Council.



Previous Award Recipients

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