With one of the oldest, most respected, and most comprehensive graduate programs in the U.S., Purdue College of Pharmacy prepares students for challenging, top-paying careers in the field of pharmacy. PhD degrees are available from each of the three departments of Purdue College of Pharmacy (see below); the Department of Pharmacy Practice also admits students for MS degrees.

Students are encouraged to evaluate the College's three graduate program so that they can determine which program best suits their interests and career goals. This is one of the most important decisions a prospective graduate student can make, since transferring between graduate programs usually involves starting one's graduate career over again.

Each graduate program has certain course, examination, and thesis requirements, but the length of time required to complete each graduate degree is tailored to meet the individual goals and interests of the students. The College of Pharmacy has established a maximum limit of 8 years for completion of any graduate program, although some programs in the College may have established shorter time limits for completion of certain degrees.

These research-based degrees typically qualify graduates for work in the following research-related areas:

  • performing research
  • technical writing
  • technical marketing
  • research administration
  • regulatory affairs
  • government regulation

Recipients of the PhD degree are additionally qualified for academic professorships. Students obtaining any graduate degree in pharmacy may simultaneously seek secondary education teaching certification through the School of Education and the appropriate state certification board.

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