Featured Students

Photo of the Employee Relations Committee

The Employee Relations committee consists of peer-selected members of the Purdue Pharmacy Ambassadors. The committee takes on the leadership role of organizing Pharmacy Days.

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Photo of Olga Vlashyn

New Palestine, Indiana

What did you do this summer? I spent the summer interning at Johns Hopkins Hospital working on Formulary Management for the Health System.

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Photo of Rachel Smith

Corydon, IN

What did you do this summer? I did my IPPE at a local independent chain and explored Louisville with friends from home

Fun Fact: I recently got back into... See more

Photo of Quynh Nguyen

Hanoi, Vietnam

What did you do this summer? I went back to Vietnam and took mini trips to visit my families.

Fun Fact: I and my younger brother are 21 years apart

Photo of Erin McMahan

Grant Park, IL

What did you do this summer? This summer I got engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years!

Fun Fact: Something fun about myself: I am a softball umpire in my... See more

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