The Purdue College of Pharmacy, consistently ranked among the 10 best pharmacy programs in the nation, offers a uniquely diverse range of undergraduate and graduate study opportunities. A total of 10 different programs and 700 pharmacy practice experiences prepare students for a range of top-paying careers in the fields of pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and the health sciences.

Undergraduate Programs

Pharmacy Degree Pathway

All incoming College of Pharmacy students will start their academic career in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) major. Near the end of their freshman year, students will choose between two paths to complete their degree. Students interested in earning their Doctor of Pharmacy will choose the Pre-Doctor of Pharmacy path. Students can also choose to continue the BSPS path.

  • The Pre-Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a two-year, non-degree program that is intended to prepare students for entry into the PharmD program below. Completing this program, however, does not  guarantee entry into the PharmD program. Doing your Pre-pharmacy work through Purdue’s two year program can save you up to two years of study and student loan debt, as well as enter the job market two years sooner. That’s a big part of the reason why Purdue PharmD graduates have less debt upon completion of their degree than PharmD students from any other Big Ten pharmacy program.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) is a four-year undergraduate program that stresses the multidisciplinary basic sciences related to drug discovery, development, and commercialization. A degree in this program does not allow graduates to become licensed pharmacists.

Professional Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a professional degree program, which requires completion of a recognized pre-pharmacy program. Successful completion of this degree allows you to sit for the licensing exam to practice pharmacy.  Discover student performance and career opportunities.

Graduate Programs

The Purdue College of Pharmacy boasts one of the oldest and most-respected graduate programs in the U.S. Each of the three departments of the Purdue College of Pharmacy offer graduate programs:

Each department offers a PhD degree program.  All six of these programs require strong undergraduate preparation, including completion of a Bachelors Degree for admission.

A combined-degree program allows students in the third year of the PharmD program to begin work on a Pharmacy PhD program while completing the PharmD curricula. Through a judicious choice of electives and research rotations, such students can save up to two years on the total time required for the PhD program. Additional information can be found by reading the full program description.

For more information, please contact Dr. Danzhou Yang, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.

Continuing Education Programs

The College's continuing education programs offer several non-degree certificate programs.