This award was presented annually to an outstanding teacher in the College of Pharmacy, selected by its student body for excellence in teaching. This award was initiated through the interest and generosity of Professor Robert (BS 1939) and Betty (BS 1939) Heine, along with alumni and friends of the College.

This award was superseded by the Dr. Aziz Teaching Award.

Stanley L. Hem

2005: Michael B. Kays

2004: Jane E. Krause

2003: G. Thomas Wilson

2002: Stanley L. Hem

2001: Nicholas G. Popovich

2000: David J. Riese

1999: Stanley M. Shaw

1998: Bruce A. Mueller

1997: Nicholas G. Popovich

1996: G. Thomas Wilson

1995: Stanley L. Hem

1994: Kayann W. Burke

1993: Stanley M. Shaw

1992: G. Thomas Wilson

1991: Peter F. Heinstein

1990: Dr. Nicholas Popovich

1989: Stanley M. Shaw

1988: Bruce C. Carlstedt

1987: Dr. Stanley L. Hem

1986: Nicholas G. Popovich

1985: G. Marc Loudon

1984: Peter F. Heinstein

1983: Joseph L. Borowitz

1982: Dr. Peter F. Heinstein

1981: Dr. David E. Nichols 

1980: G. Marc Loudon

1979: Frank Murphy

1978: Kenneth W. Kirk

1977: Nicholas G. Popovich

1976: Adelbert M. Knelvel

1975: Robert Craig Schnell

1974: Dane O. Kildsig

1973: George R. Spratto

1972: Stanley L. Hem

1971: Robert K. Chalmers