Dean's Leadership and Innovation Forum

The Dean’s Pharmacy Leadership and Innovation Forum hosts several outstanding alumni and friends of Purdue Pharmacy each spring semester. The Forum, designed to introduce students to emerging trends and career opportunities in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences through exposure to leaders in professional and corporate environments, provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and promotes greater understanding of leadership in the profession of pharmacy. Students benefit from the varied experiences of the guest lecturers, and the lecturers enjoy the lively exchange of questions and answers by well-informed students. The College of Pharmacy is pleased to recognize the following guest lecturers.


Spring 2018 Forum Speakers

Photo of Randy Hitchens  
January 30, 2018
Randy Hitchens (BS 1976)
Executive Vice President
COO of the Indiana Pharmacists Association


Photo of Chris Scott  
February 6, 2018
Chris Scott (BS 1998, PharmD 1999)
Vice President of Clinical Services
Eskenazi Health


Photo of Giresh Gupchup  
February 13, 2018
Gireesh Gupchup (PhD 1996)
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) School of Pharmacy


Photo of Andy Arland  
February 20, 2018
Andy Arland (BS 1988)
Region Manager


Photo of Ralph Amos  
February 27, 2018
Ralph Amos
President and CEO
Purdue Alumni Association


Photo of Mary Westrick  
March 6, 2018
Mary Westrick (MS 1980, Ph.D. 1983)
Adjunct Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison


Photo of Holly Bonsignore  
March 20, 2018
Holly Bonsignore (Ph.D. 1987)
Vice President, Global Technology Services, Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Pfizer Global Supply


Photo of William Yoon  
March 27, 2018
William Yoon (BS 1994)
Executive Director – US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals


Photo of Veronica Vernon  
April 3, 2018
Veronica Vernon (PharmD 2011)
Assistant Professor
Butler University


Photo of Denice Simon  
April 10, 2018
Denice Simon (BS 1984)
Assistant General Council
Takeda Pharmaceuticals


Photo of Steve Davisson  
April 17, 2018
Steve Davisson (BS 1981)
Good Living Pharmacy, Salem, IN


Photo of Randy and Linda Shields  
April 24, 2018
Randy and Linda Shields (BS 1975/BS 1977)
Franchisee Owners


Previous Speakers

Mr. Hamid A. Abbaspour
Mrs. Kyle L. Allen
Dr. Mina B. Alsaraf
Mr. Juan M. Andres
Ms. Jennifer L. Asay
Ms. Joanne R. Barrick
Dr. Jean M. Battaglia
Dr. Morgan L. Beatty
Mr. James W. Bedford
Ms. Karin S. Beymer
Dr. Marianne Billeter
Mr. Ralph L. Billeter, Sr.
Mr. Randall A. Boris
Dr. George J. Brewer
Mr. James P. Branham
Mr. Robert A. Brown
Dr. Henry U. Bryant
Mr. Richard S. Brychell
Dr. Sue Killion Cammarata
Dr. Keith D. Carter
Dr. Todd E. Chermak
Dr. James C. Cloyd III
Dr. Ryan Cohlhepp
Mr. Steven D. Cosier
Mr. Chris Creamer
Dr. Daniel D. Degnan
Mr. Timothy F. Dickman
Dr. Denise L. Dickson
Mr. Christopher T. Dimos
Dr. M. Eileen Dolan
Dr. Gary D. Dolch
Mr. Ronald W. Dollens
Dr. James T. Doluisio
Dr. Jennifer A. Eads
Dr. Patricia P. Elsner
Dr. Carlton K. Erickson
Dr. Norman R. Farnsworth
Mr. Edmond J. Fennell
Mr. Mark W. Fitch
Mr. Mark A. Foglesong
Mr. Gregory A. Fox
Dr. Gloria F. Francke
Mr. Greg A. Giant
Mr. Keith G. Gillette
Mr. Charles L. Goodall
Mrs. Virginia F. Goodall
Ms. Susan E. Graf
Mrs. Jennifer L. Graham
Mr. John Grant
Dr. Jeffrey A. Green
Mr. James B. Haas
Dr. Stephanie M. Hammonds
Mr. Kevin J. Hanna
Mr. Barry J. Hart
Mr. Jeffrey S. Hatfield
Dr. John B. Hertig
Dr. Robert W. Holden
Dr. Kyle E. Hultgren
Mr. Donald H. Hutton
Ms. Judith Jacobi
Ms. Louise Johnson
Mr. Eric Kastango
Dr. Robert C. Kaye
Mr. Donald R. Kiepert, Jr.
Dr. Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
Mr. Dale P. Kramer
Mr. George S. Kucka
Mrs. Mary J. Kuhn
Ms. Winnie A. Landis
Dr. Edward L. Langston
Ms. Nancy C. Lilly
Ms. Sheryl A. Lowenhar
Dr. Katie MacFarlane Phillips
Dr. William X. Malloy
Dr. Henri R. Manasse, Jr.
Dr. James C. Mannion
Mr. Martin Marciniak
Dr. Kevin Marhenke
Dr. Richard J. Markham
Dr. Kimberly P. McDonough
Mr. Michael B. McMains
Mr. Michael S. McNear
Dr. Susan Meyer
Mr. Gerald P. Migliaccio
Mr. Everett Moore
Dr. Warren Moore
Dr. J. Frank Nash
Ms. Shirley L. Paddock
Mr. Jonathan M. Parker
Dr. Vernon D. Parker
Mr. Curt Passafume
Mr. Steven R. Plump
Mrs. Nikki M. Price
Mr. J. Christopher Prue
Ms. Diane R. Rammelsberg
Mr. Marvin R. Richardson
Mr. Rick F. Rondinelli
Dr. Bobby W. Sandage, Jr.
Mrs. Denise M. Sandage
Dr. Charles E. Sanders, Jr.
Dr. Daria D. Schooler
Mr. Rolf K. Schrader
Mr. John A. Schreiner
Mrs. Jenifer D. Schreiner
Mrs. Karen L. Shields
Mr. Robert G. Sikora
Dr. Michael W. Skehan
Dr. Alan J. Slade
Mr. Eric A. Smith
Mr. Ronaold J. Snow
Dr. Elizabeth Solak
Dr. Marilyn K. Speedie
Dr. Jon E. Sprague
Dr. Georgee R. Spratto
Dr. Margaret A. Sgritta
Mr. R’Kes Starling
Mr. Steve A. Taglienti
Mr. Dal-Mar Taylor
Mr. Robin D. Taylor
Dr. Tate N. Trujillo
Ms. S. Duann Vanderslice
Dr. Timothy W. Vanderveen
Mr. John E. Voliva
Dr. Donna S. Wall
Mr. Gregory D. Wasson
Mr. S. Brad Wasson
Dr. Mary L. Westrick
Mr. Hanley H. Wheeler III
Mr. Bernard K. Williams
Ms. Alisa K. Wright
Mr. Gary L. Yingling
Mr. Anthony J. Yost
Mr. John A. Zehner
Dr. Thomas F. Zioncheck

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