Anatomy and Physiology6-8 semester hours, with lab
Calculus I3 semester hours
Economics3 semester hours - micro, macro, or general
English Composition3 semester hours
General Biology I & II8 semester hours, with lab
General Chemistry I & II8 semester hours, with lab
Microbiology4 semester hours, with lab
Organic Chemistry I & II8 semester hours, with lab
Pharmacy OrientationWest Lafayette Students Only
Physics4 semester hours, with lab; can be non-calculus based
Immunology3 semester hours, preferred but will also accept an upper level course in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cancer Biology, or Cellular Biology
Biochemistry3 semester hours
Statistics3 semester hours
Humanities/Social Science3 semester hours, prefer a course in philosophy, logic, ethics, intercultural communications
Speech Communications3 semester hours

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