Aspirational Goals for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Goal 1

Apply transformational learning principles for the current learner that foster the development of creative thinkers, adaptive leaders, and change agents.

Goal 2

Exceed professional program outcomes, aligned with emphasis on effective communication, empathy and integrity, advocacy for the profession and patients, progressive pharmacy practice, and evidence-based decision making.

Goal 3

Provide Innovative didactic and experiential curricula aligned with contemporary pharmacy practice models.

Goal 4

Become the model for interprofessional education for schools that are not based on an academic health center campus.

Goal 5

Create an inclusive environment that supports opportunities for excellence and expanded diversity in the student body, as well as staff and faculty.

Goal 6

Promote the cohesiveness of faculty across departments and across all College of Pharmacy sites by increasing collaboration and innovation for the purpose of developing integrated curricula and enhancing student learning

Goal 7

Actively Evaluate, apply and assess evidence-supported,contemporary learning approaches.

Aspirational Goals for Graduate Programs

Goal 1

Apply transformational learning principles that enables students to capitalize on the unique benefits of pursuing a graduate degree in the college of pharmacy, including cross-diciplinary collaboration and professional development.

Goal 2

Increase the number of local and regional students, including underrepresented students, recruited into all graduate programs.

Goal 3

Enhance graduate education opportunities by expanding existing programs, creating new programs, and engaging stakeholders and new partners.

Aspirational Goals for the BSPS Program

Goal 1

Develop a brand and identity that embraces the commitment of the BSPS to serve basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences endeavors outside of the practice of pharmacy and assess the extent to which the program is achieving this goal.