To advise the College of Pharmacy on emerging trends in health care, the pharmaceutical industry, and related fields. Council members will also serve as supporters and advocates for the College and its programs.


  • Membership is by invitation of the Dean and will represent all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and the practice of pharmacy.
  • The Council will include some non-alumni members.
  • Company representation is generally limited to one member per company, unless significantly different practice roles are represented, in which case two individuals may serve.
  • The normal term of office is 3 years with reappointment possible.
  • Click here to view the current membership roster.


  • The Council will normally meet once a year in the fall.
  • Meetings will generally be held in West Lafayette, on or near Purdue’s campus.
  • Meetings will usually be on a Friday and start at 7:30 am and adjourn by 4:30pm.

Other Engagement

  • Council members may be called upon to provide mentoring for students with specific career aspirations relevant to the member’s experience.
  • Council members may be called upon to serve on special task forces of the College.
  • Council members will be expected to serve as a source for advice to the College throughout the year as matters arise where such input would benefit the College.

Financial Considerations

  • All members will be responsible for all incurred expenses of travel, lodging, and meals. The College of Pharmacy will not reimburse members for these expenses. Breakfast and lunch will be provided the day of the meeting.
  • Council members will be asked and encouraged to contribute in an exemplary manner to the College of Pharmacy annual fund.