Scott C. & Sandra Brower

Why is it important/what motivates you to give back to the College of Pharmacy?

I have always felt that Purdue University gave me the opportunity to ultimately become a nuclear pharmacist and enjoy the career that I have now been practicing for 30 years. Purdue believed in me as a pre-pharmacy student and gave me the opportunity to pursue my "educational dreams" of becoming a pharmacist. It is important to me to let Purdue know that I appreciate that opportunity and to show them exactly how much!

You have made a planned gift.   Why did you decide to use this specific vehicle (will, annuity, CRT, etc.) to make a gift?

My wife, Sandy, and I want to make a difference with respect to the nuclear pharmacy program at Purdue. We believe our planned gift will further help Purdue accomplish its goals and will help give other pharmacy students similar opportunities that I was given while attending the College of Pharmacy at Purdue.

What was your experience at Purdue as a student?
Any particularly fond/humorous memories of your days at Purdue?

My experience at Purdue was eye-opening. Coming from the East Coast, I embraced the Midwestern mentality from the beginning and enjoyed my entire learning experience. I particularly enjoyed my nuclear pharmacy classes taught by Dr. Stan Shaw. As a pharmacy student, I actually imagined myself practicing as a nuclear pharmacist one day.

How has your pharmacy education shaped your life/career?

Without my pharmacy education from Purdue, my life would not be the same. The nuclear pharmacy program at Purdue gave me the insight to look deeper and to pursue a pharmacy career that would be experienced by few. My life and career have been personally, professionally and financially rewarding. It is a blessing when you experience all three at the same time!

How do you hope your planned gift will impact
the College of Pharmacy and its students in the future?

I would hope that our planned gift will help the School of Pharmacy retain and solicit the very best of educators and attract students into the field of nuclear pharmacy as well!